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pendant print curtain panels kind of sum up all sports...nice compromise!

Jake's Happy Hodgepodge My Room
9/20/12 06:57 PM

My biggest peeves:
•if I see one more "keep calm" poster or knock off I will truly not just ew, but puke
•manufactured oil paintings
•inspired words on a wall "live, love, blah blah blah"
•matching furniture
•pink or purple girl rooms, canopies, etc.
•manufactured distressed furniture

man, that kinda felt good

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/26/12 05:13 PM

I love your sense of humor, it radiates everywhere. Love repetitive motif, subtle and not so.

Refreshing post, and not one damn "Keep calm blah blah" poster. Hint hint AT.

Joan's Artist Abode House Tour
5/8/12 09:56 PM

great artwork an wall hangings. and you can't go wrong with a globe!

Bryson's Peaceful Pad and Guestroom My Room
4/30/12 05:41 PM

I'm an artist and "visual" person. I LOATHE color coded book shelves. As a textile and graphic designer, I find so much beauty in the haphazard disarray of an unorganized library. And the allure of a book undiscovered, or forgotten. Mystery. Or the mystery of finding the mystery section.

In Defense of: Organizing Books by Color
4/6/12 09:51 PM

@ dmstudio...what?
My guess is the intent is just to say "his and her" sides of the bed. Plain and simple, no politics.

I like the unexpected personal element of the whole room. Playful yet relaxing.

Before & After: Mismatched Thrift Store Lamps Get a Hip New LookVintage Revivals
3/16/12 03:29 PM

I'm speechless.
I want to sit and STUDY every photo...the most aspirational, creative, unpredictable, tasteful, personal tours.
Just lovely. Thank you for sharing. Must check out the blog.

Lisa & Piero's English Inspired Los Feliz Home House Tour
3/10/12 12:55 PM

Photos don't do it justice..I'm sure a real life tour would be captivating.
Color choices are wild and I love it.

Jen & Mark's Artfully Eclectic Rowhome
House Tour

2/21/12 05:23 PM

BTW...the artwork is magnificent.
I adore the two animal watercolor paintings hung by painters tape!

Oscar & Boots' 150 Square Foot Bedroom
Kids Tour

2/9/12 08:50 PM

"and lived happily ever after".
Great room.

Oscar & Boots' 150 Square Foot Bedroom
Kids Tour

2/9/12 08:46 PM

one of the better tours

Adrianna & Paul's Eclectic Perfection Home
House Tour

1/17/12 04:12 PM

love the use of mid-century in a homey, inviting way. the textiles are scrumptious, the layers of color and pattern are brilliant.

the porch is lovely, too.

great post.

Lindsey's Indoor/Outdoor Home in the San Rafael Hills
House Tour

1/14/12 03:10 PM

amen hailey brown.

Sophia's White, Bright & Magically Modern Bedroom
Kids Room Tour

1/11/12 10:39 PM

people! these design posts are about aesthetics.
and by the way...kids can choke on ANYTHING.
do we really need recalls to figure that out?

oh, and hey!

Sophia's White, Bright & Magically Modern Bedroom
Kids Room Tour

1/11/12 10:32 PM

I thought the yellow was the "after", too. I love yellow rooms, especially when sunlight is limited. The yellow before is soft enough (at least in the photo) to give a sunkissed look. Yellow also brings out the warm tones in the wood pieces and textiles.

The white room makes me shiver. I feel cold just looking at it.

At least you won't have to prime if you decide to repaint!

Making a Change: What A Difference Paint Makes
1/9/12 08:12 PM

fresh is good...but i think subscribers felt blindsided.
i welcome the change and look forward to rediscovering my favorite hang out.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/8/12 10:35 PM

Bota Box Shiraz and Merlot are my faves! The entire line is great for the price (16.99 or so), but the Zin is a bit disappointing

Living in the Big House: In Praise of Boxed Wine
1/7/12 03:21 PM

i'm just glad it doesn't say

Before & After: Micki's "Secrets" in Braille Headboard
12/22/11 01:43 PM

very 80's. eww.
painted in high gloss pop color maybe.

Before & After: Old Chairs Turned Ornate Frames
All Things Thrifty

12/18/11 02:47 PM

bold color and fabric choices! LOVE IT.

My Room: Juliet
Oley, PA

10/21/11 01:59 PM