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I haven't officially joined the cure but have been doing it anyway. As an ardent music lover, I had some reservations about this but did it anyway - it was so calming! I just pottered about the house and worked on my project (framing my old concert tickets) all the while feeling very soothed then went to bed without the usual busy-brain. I have every intention of making this a regular occurrence.

Also I love these videos, as a long time lurker to AT, this is the first time I've done the cure. These audiovisual treats make it very appealing!

Day 14: Media Fast
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/5/10 04:20 AM

I remember seeing one of these in The Osbournes, in their living room - it caught my eye as it was one for Oldham where my husband was born. The Osbournes must have been one of the first!

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5/6/10 03:59 AM

sagekitten85 - I've just registered here to let you know you can use normal tape, but put it on your clothes (jeans are perfect) before you put it on the wall - this makes your tape "low tack" as they say in the 'biz. HTH

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4/7/10 03:28 AM