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The project that Patrick Kennedy is working is being designed as student housing. Until the last year, it was difficult to develop student housing in San Francisco due to the application of San Francisco's Inclusionary Zoning ordinate to student housing. This was changed last year and Kennedy is trying replicate in SoMa his Berkeley development experience (in developing small apartments serving Cal's student population).

The project will feature zero parking (except for a car share pod). He and Zeta Communities are also design the project to be constructed as modular housing in order push down construction costs (and the construction schedule) in order to make it pencil.

You can see rendering of version 2.0 here: http://www.zetacommunities.com/projects_smartspace_sf.php

California's Smallest Legal Apartment: SmartSpace
3/10/12 10:53 PM

The correct answer is: ignore landlord. Hang real curtain rods. In pretty much every state in the country, you are allowed to hang things on your wall (assuming you use modest sized nails, etc. that can be easily repaired under the rubric of "normal wear and tear").

Landlords put those kind of things in leases and "house rules" all the time and they are pretty much never enforced in the singular. They are there to deal with the more egregious situations. You'd have to be completely peppering your walls with nail holes for it to rise to a problem for you, the tenant. That's why those type of rules are there - to deal with the insanely abusive type tenants.

You do have rights, as a tenant. And one of the most basic is you get to live in your rental unit as a home - and that it is, YOUR home. There's a reason why if your landlord shows up unannounced in a non-emergency situation and just lets himself in, he is a trespasser and you can have the cops toss him.

So hang your curtain rods till the cows come home. I'd love to see a landlord try to argue (in front of a superior court judge) that your curtain rod hanging was a material breach of your lease triggering a right to evict. I'd buy popcorn to watch that fail parade.

Hang Curtains without Drilling into Rental Walls?
Good Questions

12/8/11 12:48 AM

If I could I'd go back in time to the early 70s and tell my father to NOT sell his 1958 Cherry Red Daimler Benz 300SL Roadster. Street value today is $500,000 or more.

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/3/11 12:32 AM

Ah the travails of the petit-bourgeoisie...

8 Services That Claim to Make Life Easier for Busy People
Shopper's Guide

5/3/11 10:53 PM

@mholtgreive - I agree about the white rooms with a few pieces of big dark furniture. I noted the same elsewhere for one of the contestants (not in the finals) - that there seemed to be (boring) trendy trend this year of apartments with white, white, white (white walls, white curtains, white sofas, white dishes, white dining room chairs, etc.) accented either with a piece of dark wood furniture (or cabinet) or other dark furnishing. And that those types of spaces appeared to be climbing the charts. Someone elsewhere called it the West Elm look.

Seems to be the "hot" look this year. I miss the more eclectic, individually unique space of prior years in the finals. I'm pretty surprised that the "Jewel Box" entry didn't make it in its Tiny category - Jordan's space, while nice enough, is pretty boring in comparison.

Your 4 Small Cool Finalists: Vote NOW!
5/2/11 03:16 PM

Looks like having a large social network (and being able to tap into Mom's address book) is more important to winning than having a finished, completed space. This space is nice enough but very incomplete. There are several contestants currently below this one that are far more finished, far better designed.

This contest has turned into a bit of a joke. There really needs to be a change to the judging system to allow for a blend between a popular vote count and like a judging panel of professional designers. And I agree, leaving nasty comments on other contestants pages is just totally crass.

Nicole's Old-World Style Home
4/30/11 10:41 PM

That is one of the most god-awful tacky bedrooms I have seen in a while. Almost makes Anna Nicole Smith look like the modicum of good taste. Reminds of when GQ periodically includes outfits from old issues in a "WTF were we thinking?" type quote.

Design Ideas from the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2011
4/29/11 08:02 PM

@rick100 - Ha!

Having taken a look at most of the contestants at this point, its seems like a theme is emerging this year as far as a type of space that is/are rising quickly up the leaderboard. Seems like the "all white look - white walls, white furniture, white lighting fixtutres, etc. punctuated either by darkish wood cabinetry or a single piece of dark brown furniture is all the rage right now.

Danielle's Redesigned Disaster
4/25/11 06:50 PM

I don't have any issues with this being in the contest - assuming its his entire apartment and not just a room he shares with roomates in a larger apartment. I wouldn't want to disqualify people living in an SRO, an entirelyl legitimate form of housing. Which is essentially what this is.

On the other hand, I don't really see this as "small, cool". Small - sure, but so what? His choice of furnishings is not bad, but its not fantastic either. And the cramped quarters with a sofa facing a wall bare inches away is just claustrophobic. Its not the kind of space I think would be "cool" to live in - more the opposite. A space this shoebox needs a bit more work by the tenant/resident on constructing built in / bed loft or something in order to accomodate how narrow it is.

I'm all for celebrating making the most of the more modestly scaled typed of housing urban dwellers live in, but at a certain point, its just lipstick on a pig. Or in this case, a hall closet. I don't see the merit in geeking out on the whole "how small can YOU live" thing - reminds me of that extreme eating guy on the Food Network or Travel Channel or whatever that travels around eating giant fried hamburgers and such.

Never understood why anyone would chose to live in something this small in NYC. There's several nice boroughs to choose from (or even less desireable nabes on Manhattan outside of the trendy hoods), all connected by the MTA. I mean, the whole "the city is my living room" schtick kinda wears thin after a while - like when its raining. Or snowing. Or you're stuck sick at home in bed. Or lounging at home in bed with your gal/guy. Etc.

Luke's Barely Habitable
4/25/11 06:45 PM

@Julia MN - the circle-y bit is a wall-sized rotating door. From what we can tell, it used to be a Murphy bed. The bed is gone and now its a closet.

Sammi & Dave's Love for Oakland
4/23/11 02:02 PM

@mekleiber @cvgmiami - Thx for the props on the color. The space is a rental, so we are grateful that the landlord was open to us repainting the "Landlord White" walls.

Sammi & Dave's Love for Oakland
4/23/11 03:36 AM

Thx Mr. Modtomic - one thing I have found with the McCobb pieces though is that the veneer is rather soft and thin. I swear a sneeze would leave a nick on it. Even with multiple layers of added varnish on the desk, it still peppered with marks since I acquired it.

Sammi & Dave's Love for Oakland
4/22/11 08:14 PM

Rad space - that room divider is fantastic - I did a double sided bookshelf in my apartment but my DIY of painting cheap pine board is like a pale imitation.

I actually like the High-Def look - what's this HDR folks are mentioning? How does it work?

Aaron's Distinctive Guest House
4/22/11 07:26 PM

Dude. You're making the rest of us contestants look bad. Seriously.

Fantastic space - the fact that its barely over 400 SF is nuts. I've lived in city apartments that were tiny - if I crammed them with as much stuff as you did, instead of panache, I'd have something that looked like a janitor's closet.

And the fact that your space feels like some sort of time-travel/interdimensional portal to an imagined Victorian steampunk meets Harry Potter meets Breakfast at Tiffany's is just fricking insane. AND its a working artist's space.

Go away. Please. You are giving me Woody Allen level of feelings of intense inadequacy and lack of self-worth.

Two thumbs up.

Franklin's Apartment is Alive
4/22/11 06:32 PM

I'm not a fan of Hollywood Regency - more an anti-fan if anything - something about it just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe its the preciousness. I don't know.

But that doesn't stop me from feeling like your place is just completely fantastic. Fabu, even. It seems completely personal to you - its one thing for a space to have style, its another thing for a space to have a soul. And I think you've nailed it.

That you've done this DIY and on a limited budget is just icing on the frosted (Regency) cake.

Coco's Cozy Hollywood Regency
4/22/11 06:24 PM

I have to agree with Ando - its a great place, but I find that I'm not that impressed when its really a professional architect or interior designer doing the work. As a professional in multifamily rental & condo real estate development, I have to say there just isn't a lot of creativity that goes into hiring a design professional or picking through color samples or finish submittals. I felt the same way about the Darren's Usable Space submission - just seems to say more about the owner's personal financial situation than anything else. (Plus, the 999 SF is just a bit too cute by half.)

Its in sharp contrast to the far more DIY spaces like "Franklin's Apartment is Alive" or "Coco's Cozy Hollywood Regency" - neither of which are anything close to my style nor could I ever imagine liking living in them - BUT are so personally idiosyncratic & feel "true" to the soul or personality of their owners that I can't help but fall in love with their spaces - the kind of homes that make you want to meet their owners to get to know more about the people living there.

Anna & AJ's Eco Loft
4/22/11 06:15 PM

It looks very pretty on the page, but feels very sterile. (and I'm generally a fan of 'less is more') I can't visualize someone actually living in it. Looks more Architectural Digest than Small Cool.

Darren's Usable Space
4/15/11 12:42 PM

Completely unsurprised. Its a given that almost any multinational retailer out there is going to attempt to grind down their worforce as much as possible in order to shovel as much profit as possible to executive management and the company's owners. (and in the case of publicly traded corporations, ownership of shares is far more highly concentrated amongst a narrow social class than Wall Street would have you believe - fun thing about being an ex-corporate lawyer - you get to see how it works behind the curtain)

On a morning when a vocal minority of the country is cheering on the dismantling of Medicare and Social Security, the adage that "There is No War But Class War" was never truer.

Worker Complaints at US Factory Darken IKEA's Image
Design News 4.11.2011

4/11/11 03:12 PM

@igurl - that article was my primary resource in cutting through the bogus marketing B.S. Found a basic, very firm innerspring from one of the Big "S"'s - no pillow top, no fancy ticking, no extra thickness, even skipped on the box spring. Spent around $400 or so. Haven't ever had a problem.

What Mattress Is Right For You?
3/17/11 01:28 AM

Depending on what state you live in, I wouldn't worry too much about what your lease says. Large population "Blue" states (NY, CA, MA, NJ) tend to have reasonable tenant protections such that niggly lease violation like taking down and storing window blinds or putting modest amounts of screws in the wall are not going to get you evicted. (nor should it - the neither landlord nor his/her property is being harmed in any material way). Most tenants have more power under state L/T law than they know.

How To Cover Up Vertical Blinds In A Rental?
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2/6/11 03:00 AM