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While I definitely have a different design aesthetic than you I gotta give you kudos for giving into your hoarder tendencies and just going for it with the plants. Plus, I'm a fellow Oak Parker so I have to support my neighbors!

Katherine's Tropical Sanctuary Small Cool Contest
5/20/14 11:43 PM

I go to the gym Wednesday nights so I'm curious how people will react to me closing my eyes to the ceiling mounted tv in front of me. Could make for an interesting evening! :)

Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast The January Cure: Assignment # 10
1/15/14 06:47 PM

I have this exact same chair! Mine is upholstered in an obnoxious blue and green floral print. I have yet to recover it but I did get a quote a couple of years ago and it was around $300 (without the fabric).

Upholstering a Vintage Mod Chair?
Good Questions

11/4/10 05:06 PM

That blue sink, gold faucet, and marble top combo is lovely!

Light Blue and Carrara Marble in the Bathroom
10/20/10 01:26 PM

Ummmmm....I love. I especially love (on his website) that "D" is for Drive by.

Mark McGinnis' Alphabet Series
10/14/10 12:12 AM

I have that first picture with the yellow chairs on an inspiration board because I love it so.

Lively & Colorful Dining Rooms
Inspiration Gallery

10/8/10 05:06 PM

Any color can look amazing. It's all in how you use it! I think purple is one of those great colors that allows other colors to pop. Yellow, pink, orange, red, green, nude colors.....All great with purple.

Purple Rooms That I Don't Hate Part 3
10/7/10 03:16 PM

I've been an interior designer for 6 years now and think that some people have an idea of what they like but are unsure of how to get it to all come together. I do more structural and architectural stuff as well as kitchen and bathroom design which can all be pretty overwhelming to tackle for the average person. For people who are missing the DIY gene working with a designer in certain situtations can help keep your sanity and prevent costly mistakes!

If the rolls were reversed would I ever work with a designer? Nope. But that's mainly because I have control issues :)

Interior Decorators: Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Help
10/7/10 03:06 PM

Some people like minimalism and some people don't. I prefer a little more chaos in my spaces. I like the kid's room (although if a real kid lived there it wouldn't look like that for long) and the dining room looks lovely. The living room scale however feels all out of wack to me. Such tall ceilings and all that tiny furniture. Just seems like a wasted opportunity.

Enough Is Enough
The Diversion Project

10/4/10 07:26 PM

I love pops of pink (emphasis on the word pops). I constantly try to fight my love of it but usually end up giving in.... Pairing it with more gender neutral or masculine based items/colors helps it stay away from the whole Barbie dreamhouse look.

Pretty In Pink: It's Not So Bad After All
10/4/10 07:18 PM

There's nothing about this home I don't like! It just seems so easy and not forced. All the patterns are lovely.

Shanan & Chris's Rustic Glam Rowhouse
House Tour

9/20/10 04:00 PM

My cat Lola is a water snob. The only acceptable way of getting water (in her opinion) is licking a faucet. She's obsessed with pushing stuff off counters/surfaces (my cell phone and remote control routinely go flying) and also recently discovered that the back of my laptop gets warm and toasty. Right now she is perched behind it fast asleep!

I'm also convinced she's out to kill me. She often drags her toys up on my bed during the night. One morning I woke up with one of them (a plastic wand with a string and toy fish attached) wrapped around my neck....Cats are too smart.

Catering to Your Pet's Quirks
9/15/10 01:00 AM

I love Tommy and his home! I need to get myself a Tommy sidekick.....

Tommy Smythe's Master Vignettes
House Tour

9/14/10 02:21 PM

Ah, I collect milk glass too. So pretty against the blue wall!

Milk Glass Collection Displayed on a Blue Wall
Flickr Finds

9/9/10 09:14 PM

Love, love, love the bookshelves! I agree the old chairs were better. I don't dislike the new ones but think at they need a different table. The height of it is competing too much with the height of the chairs.

Before & After: Annie's Entryway

9/9/10 09:10 PM

I'm all about the whole "it's so ugly it's cool" aesthetic but there's nothing cool about this!

Skyline Sofas: Nightime & Sunset in New York
9/9/10 09:02 PM