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THis is identical to what my kitchen looked like before the previous owners. They painted all the cabinets white and removed the upper cabinet doors. They also updated to cheap white appliances which I am slowly changing out. They had painted it bright red and left a weird ceiling fan..I painted it a very light green to lighten it up and installed a 5 light fixture to cast more light, it's now the brightest room in the house thanks to that $50 menard's fixture! I swapped the hardware for oil brushed bronze modern knobs I found on the cheap through amazon and will be putting in butcher block counter tops the first part of next year. It isn't the most modern/perfect kitchen but it goes with my home and is really everyones favorite room!

How Would You Modernize Betty Draper's 60s Kitchen? Budget Makeover Challenge Reader Intelligence Request
8/17/12 03:09 PM

That's my home office. I can't seem to get it to come together regardless of what rug/bookshelf etc. I add.
For my bedroom I did dark grey walls with white crown moulding and white duvet/chest/curtains. I love how it turned out and I've found a few pieces of extremely bright artwork to hang in there that make it kind of fun

In Search of Inspiration for that One Last Room
9/16/11 06:47 PM

I wouldn't pain, I would switch out the hardware for something a little simpler like cupped pulls and cut out the front of that door and replace it with glass or a cool piece of fabric or even a mirror.

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8/16/11 04:34 PM

This article is disgusting and irresponsible. As someone who suffered life-long damage from a food borne illness as a child I am deeply disappointed that it was even published.

Food Poisoning: Why Didn't These Guests Get Sick?
8/12/11 05:41 PM

I don't camp, but I do grill a lot. I tried haloumi and I will say that it is VERY meaty. I found it to be completely gross because of the texture AND the saltiness.
I like to do grilled veggies on skewers and pop them into a pita with some cucumber sauce or feta cheese. It's filling and fresh.
you could also pre-make some bruschetta (yay fresh tomatoes!) and snack on it with bread or tortilla chips.
soups also travel well and are easy to heat in a pan over the fire. I just made an amazing batch of vegetable soup from all the fresh stuff in the garden

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8/10/11 05:48 PM

I think having a potluck theme is fun- like italian night or mexican night or even a season food night. But getting all persnickety on the rules is a big downer. Some of my FAVORITE potlucks have been the ones with nothing but appetizers..or with just a bunch of cakes. I think as we get older we get crabby about what we eat and where's the FUN in that? I might just plan a potluck and tell everyone to bring desserts. :)

Potluck Etiquette: What Are Your Rules?
8/10/11 04:13 PM

I have a similar mink. It's a short coat and is in beautiful condition as my aunt kept it forgotten in a closet for about 20 years. It's not very fashionable but it's one of the few (literally, two) things I have of my grandmothers'. I think I might take the advice of making somei nteresting pillows from the sleeves and see about using the rest as a small throw for the back of the chair. I think I'd love seeing it used in my home in the winter.

Ideas for Repurposing a Keepsake Mink Coat?
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7/20/11 03:47 PM

hmm this is an interesting idea. I just so happen to have a decorative fireplace and a box full of books. Mine is a bit busier than those pictured (most similar to the 4th pic) so I'll probably try to keep it more monochromatic/simple.

Creative Storage: Books in the Fireplace
7/15/11 10:22 AM

eh I'll switch to DVD only and steal my dad's streaming password, old people are always the ones who unknowingly get sucked into these changes and taken advantage of. :)

Why Netflix's Price Hike Might Make Me Cancel for Good
7/14/11 05:25 PM

nwatrous I thought my friends were the only ones who put those in their sports bras! They work like a charm :)

8 Tips For A Cool Night's Sleep (Without the AC!)
6/30/11 04:36 PM

correlation does not equal causation! Meaning, in this study they found that people who gained weight tended to eat more of the foods listed. Those who lost weight tended to eat more from that list.
It is simply a trend to be aware of, NOT a statement that potatoes make you gain X number of Lbs

The 10 Foods That Most Affect Weight Gain & Loss
The Atlantic

6/27/11 02:55 PM

Snack weekend here! Going to have some veggie pinwheels, taco cups, spinach dip and ice cream sundaes for movie night!

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of June 25-26, 2011

6/24/11 11:55 PM

shorten your cooking time, that was the #1 thing that helped me. If you're using a commercial one try brushing it with some italian salad dressing. olive oil or anything else makes them, as you said, greasy.

How To Grill Meat Substitutes Without Drying Them Out?
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6/23/11 04:56 PM

the living room is to die for. I absolutely adore all of the careful fabric choices and how well the various proportions work together.

Barry's Antique-Filled Doheny Hills Home
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6/22/11 05:13 PM

smells on planes are the worst. There is a reason they hand out food like pretzels and nuts, it's because they don't have an odor. If I MUST bring something it's always bread or a crunchy snack. On one occasion our flight was being held for a family of 5 who proceeded to bring on 3 big bags of Mc Donald's food with them. The smell about made me and my seat mate heave.
I also hate when people bring oranges..sure everyone likes a little orange odor, but not when it lingers for 3 hours...ugh.

15 Homemade Meals You Can Carry on the Airplane
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6/22/11 02:21 PM

I don't get the fascination for big houses. When buying my home this winter I looked at house after house that was just TOO big for me. Even with children I couldn't imagine a need for a 4 bedroom house with a finished basement! It seemed it was easier to find something that was humongous than something that was small and nice. I eventually found a great two bedroom, but I have to be honest and say that I haven't spent more than 20 minutes in the finished basement...I can't imagine having 5 more bedrooms!

Susan Orlean Versus the Too-Big House
The New Yorker

6/22/11 01:19 PM

If you do strip it you'll need to strip it down to the bare wood to get all the paint off. I did this recently with 2 pieces and can tell you it's not a hard job, and there's tons of tutorials..the main thing is that it's messy so have a good space to work in.
You'll need to seal/restain it after the fact, which is also easy. I would give it a shot if you think the white is what is off putting. If you just don't like how it looks then sell it as is, no point in wasting the effort!

Should I Keep This Hans Olsen Dining Set?
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6/22/11 11:32 AM

I'm still in planning mode but a tip from me, ask your friends and family who they used/know for certain things. I found out one of my uncles does countertops and I'll get solid surface for next to nothing (literally, he might take a $50 gift card), an uncle a couple states away is going to make a cabinet/island and bring it down in exchange for a mini vaca (getting use out of the new guest bedroom!) when he installs it and thanks to mom's connections I can get some flooring on the cheap from someone she knew when she worked in new construction. All in All I expect it to be under $1000 (before appliances, still looking for that connection!)

How Much Did Your Kitchen Renovation Cost?
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6/20/11 04:54 PM

It just needs some plant love and brightening up. I agree with brighter furniture on the porch, and get some hanging baskets and a window basket for some flowers, even a couple of pots on the deck itself. We just did this to my exterior and it's made a world of difference, all of my neighbors have commented on it and I know we spent less than $100 on it.

How To Spruce Up Exterior Of My House?
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6/20/11 03:07 PM

I just bought an older home and I feel your pain. Although the previous owners took on the big projects of updating the bathrooms and refinishing the hardwood there are so many little agitating things! I found that artwork and paint have helped a lot in terms of making the yucky rooms look better. New hardware on everything is helping a lot too..and switching out the light fixtures was the biggest impact for me personally. Some were original to the house! They were so dim and strange, I switched them all out with nice bright fixtures that coordinate and it looks 50x better.

How To Spruce Up My Small Old Apartment?
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6/17/11 11:45 AM