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this is how i turned my teeny tiny balcony into a little garden for 2 :D

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3/20/14 07:44 AM

such a cozy nice small living/reading nook I love it! makes up for great snuggles and book readings

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2/27/14 03:54 AM

it doesn't look like this place was done on a budget but I LOVE it

Jonathan's \"What I Did Last Summer\" Rental on a Budget House Tour
10/11/13 03:44 PM

I agree, I got some wall art, big clock, paintings etc from people and it's sitting in a closet because I either don't like it or it just doesn't work in my place. I mean I didn't use all of the artwork that I had at my previous place although I loved it and we didn't hang some of my husband's artwork in our new place because to us they didn't seem to work so I think to get something from someone else it would feel like an obligation to hang it, although I wont and will have to hang it when they r there or come up with excuses to why it isn't hung and feel guilty it isn't

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10/6/13 04:13 AM

love each and every room the black/soft pastel contrast for me is surreal

A Study in Contrasts: Pastels and Black
9/25/13 04:42 AM

I LOVE your apartment, and don't worry about having too much artwork around the house, the composition of artworks, placement, amount, colors and all work together sooo well, but I wouldn't add up a hair to what you have there so far because I think any more piece will turn it from amazing to too much and cluttered.
Cudos to you :)

Emily Henderson's Super Stylish Design Star Digs
House Call

8/17/10 06:42 PM

Hi Kristen,

I know it feels like your "home" has been hijacked by someone else and that your not feeling at home right now. And although some of the color choices don't really work out well but you do have some good pieces there, good artwork, and the moldings and rooms look rather nice. I would be able to provide more help if you would provide a floor plan for those two adjacent rooms and a list of the activities that take place there and number of people you entertain usually.

The carpet is really nice, if it's not worn out as I can't tell but deffinately a piece to keep. If your couch has a sturdy structure then keep it, just upholster it as the persian blue velvet fabric cheapens it out a little, but only if it's sturdy and would accompany you for more years to come. If you think that you would need to let it go soon then dont keep it and get a whole new one all together.

You have nice rich colored hardwood flooring but you're covering it up completely. Area rugs add to the space planning of the room, defining different areas that are designated for different activities. But it's really a waste to cover up all that nice hardwood flooring.

A new color scheme needs to be worked out. I can see the theme that you were looking for and where you went wrong but without any feedback from you and some comments about your activities, floorplan and so on am afraid that's all I could help you with

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4/7/10 06:23 AM