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This is a very calm looking space.

Scott's Modern Zones Small Cool Contest
4/22/12 04:23 PM

I like the 2 different book shelves side by side, I just don't like the brown one. I think you could do more with your bedroom. I like the livingroom/kitchenette though.

Laura's Sao Paulo Small Space Small Cool Contest
4/22/12 08:45 AM

Someone posted that these don't work and on a previous thread others had problems but I must say I do these regularly and they work around 95% of the time. Sometimes I get some burnt ones, sometimes some chewy ones but there is always something worth eating. I haven't tried rinsing them yet, but find soaking in vinegar first leave them less likely to be successful.

I think the original post mentioned using decrease wattage every 2 or 3 minutes but I find 2 minutes one side on full and 2 minutes the second, then monitoring every minute thereafter works a treat.

Yes they are not ideal for large batches but I find that by the time you have made a full potato amount you don't eat as many as you would if you opened a bag, but still feel satusfied by them

How to Make Potato Chips in the Microwave
2/28/12 02:31 PM

You get my vote just for being able to live in a space that small. I've stayed in hotel rooms bigger then that!!

I like the kitchen - including the guitar just peaking in.

Florence's Teeny-Tiny Footprint
4/22/11 03:37 PM

Your living room is massive and gorgeous. I would die to live in a house 913 sq ft. I definitely do not consider that small.

Kimberlea's Beacon Hill Victorian
4/22/11 03:33 PM

When you have finished the house please do a full House Tour. Need to see more.

Nicole's Old-World Style Home
4/22/11 03:21 PM

Wow, the standard in this years Small Cool Comp is really high. This is very different, style wise, to my last fav apartment but this is done so well for this style. I love the small cool competition. Great to see so many different personalities expressed in these tiny spaces.

Carolyn's Vintage Touches
4/7/11 04:46 PM

I love this.

I adore the cow hide rug and really want one and I love the mirror over the fireplace.

Are the loft drawers and the set of drawers in the living room your only wardrobe space? if so that must be frustrating.

Shelby's Lots of Character
4/7/11 04:31 PM

oops - angel = angle!

Laura's Sophisticated Studio
4/4/11 03:29 PM

I really like this. I had the same initial thoughts as most people about the bed and falling out of it, but as jacksonmarie3 pointed out it's not so close to the roof as to be damgerous from that angel as well!

I love the curved window sil in the bedroom and the desk in the bedroom is beautiful.

I don't like the paint in the bathroom but overall I love the amount of plants and flowers and I adore the 2 chairs in the living room. Dare I say it, this apartment is not over Ikea'd! Has real personality.

Laura's Sophisticated Studio
4/4/11 03:28 PM

I think this is lovely and the main room feels like a gorgeous big bedroom but it lacks a main living room feel to it. The bed dominates. I love the colour scheme and the dining area is lovely but all in it looks too much like a bedroom for me.

Small Cool 2010: Natalie's Natural Light Vintage DetailsTiny Division # 22 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/19/10 02:45 PM

This one is a grower. The more I look the more I love it. I generally do not consider 900 -1000st ft small (or anything over 600 actually) and generally don't vote for them because I am so jealous but I did vote for this ;). I love the location scroll as someone referred to it. Mainly because Newry is so prominent. This home is so stylish.

Small Cool 2010: Matthew's Small Space with High Ceilings Small Division # 13 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/15/10 04:27 PM

Love the hanging fruit basket and it was giving me ideas until I realised how it would remind me daily how empty it was!

Small Cool 2010: Sara's Bright on a Budget Tiny Division # 20 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/15/10 04:16 PM

I really like the bedroom floor lamp. I keep seeing them here. Any one able to let me know where it's from or what designer it is?

Small Cool 2010: Maggie's Flea Market Treasures Tiny Division #18 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/14/10 05:41 PM

I love this. I also live in a 550 sq ft house and this looks properly lived in and loved. While many of the homes here look amazing in the photo's they look styled and not lived in. Here we can imagine it on messy days and still see bundles of character. Fab fab fab.

I love the living room tv unit although is that a huge flat screen tv on the kitchen wall? I think not because there is another tv in the living room but can't make out what it is?

I also love the kitchen.

Small Cool 2010: Sarah's Small Sanctuary Tiny Division # 17 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/14/10 05:36 PM

I just adore it all. It is homely, comfortable, stylish. Nearly perfect.

Small Cool 2010: Ben's Creative Transformations Tiny Division #13 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/13/10 04:19 PM

Do you have crawl across the mezzanine to get to the bed?

Small Cool 2010: Stefan's Split Level International Division #2 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/6/10 04:26 PM