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Now you need some Edie Harper prints in her room. We have an Edie and filled her bedroom with Her artwork.

Edie's Charley Harper \"Birds & Words\" Nursery My Room
5/13/13 05:51 PM

I really LOVE this room. It's a perfect soft boys room

Logan's Classic Family-Inspired Space My Room
3/15/13 02:49 PM

Jmoore3333, I love that! If it's good enough for Jesus. You are so right.

Gifts for Kids: How Much is Too Much?
12/8/12 10:01 AM

We've used our woombies through 4 foster babies. They are the best swaddelers hands down. I recommend them to anyone who's having trouble with their baby sleeping. Especially if you have a baby going through withdrawal.

The Woombie: A Better Way to Swaddle? Test Lab Review
10/29/12 09:31 PM

When this was OhDeeDoh the comments were so much more positive. Please separate this from Apartment Therapy.

Tyler's Playful ABCs Nursery My Room
9/27/12 11:07 AM

I'm so excited to find another Cincinnati blogger!

Best Kids Parties: Garden "Block Party" My Party
9/2/12 10:47 PM

What agency are you guys going through. I still feel called to adopt from there.

A Bright, Boyish Elephant Room for Bo My Room
8/29/12 07:34 PM

I'm so excited to have a character in a book named Elsie! I will be buying it for that reason alone.

Benny's Brigade by Arthur Bradford, illustrated by Lisa Hanawalt
8/22/12 03:57 PM

I bought a new infant car seat 2 years ago and it has gone through 5 babies (I'm a foster/ adoptive mom). Heck yeah you can reuse it. ahahahha I wouldn't suggest using it past 5 years. Obviously if you are in a car accident they cut the straps on the carseats so you wouldn't be able to use them, but just in case they don't. Don't use them if in a car accident.

Hand-Me-Down Carseat from First Baby to Second? Good Questions
8/10/12 08:37 PM

I would love if they would just make a backpack that fit a folder...

Zoo Travel Neckrest Family Find
7/26/12 10:29 AM

We have the same mobile! My mom saved it as well.

Charlotte Joi's Vintage Wonderland My Room
6/28/12 01:01 PM

Personally, I would call the company and tell them what happened. If they do something great, if not, oh well. It's just furniture. But I am the type of person who would never sue anyone, just my personality.

How To Handle Repairman's Furniture Damage? Good Questions
6/14/12 10:19 AM

We have an Elsie too!!

Best Kids Parties: Bright & Beautiful First My Party
5/7/12 05:59 PM

diaper changing table, rocker/ glider, diaper genie

Nursery Nevers: Products You'd Never Purchase Again Nesting a Nursery
3/28/12 11:51 AM

If he likes pink then give him something pink and tell dad to get over it. You could do pink curtains and a pink painting since it's a rental. Have you read My Princess Boy ? You should support your son.

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
Good Questions

3/22/12 10:57 AM

We bought the vinyl decal and bought a piece of wood. It was super fast and, for me, totally worth it. It was so easy and if I did it myself I'm sure I would have made plenty of mistakes.

Buy or DIY: Oversized Ruler & Tape Measure Growth Charts
2/15/12 09:55 AM

I have pictures hanging... I don't live on a fault line, so I don't worry about it. I have never been in an earthquake, but if you attached it to a stud and wrapped the wire from the back around the screw would that work?

How To Safely Hang Pictures Above Crib?
Good Questions

2/3/12 06:22 PM


Keeping an Infant Warm During Winter Nights
Good Questions

11/9/11 04:30 PM

innej54- do you have a blog? I would love to follow along on your journey, from one foster parent to the next.

What Do You Do With All That Halloween Candy?
11/4/11 03:24 PM

When I potty trained my 2 year old my 1 year old joined in. They were both trained, during the day, in about 3 months. I just kept them naked during that time. Now, at night, my now 3 year old is woken up around midnight to go to the bathroom and my now 2 year old is still in a diaper. My 2 year old has loose bowels and often has stool in her diaper when she wakes up. TMI? Sorry

When (and How) To Totally Stop Using Diapers
Good Questions

10/28/11 03:35 PM