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We're convinced that the Comfort Sleeper is the best option for so many reasons. You don't have to believe our words, come preview one at our New York store!

They Actually Exist! Truly Comfortable Sleeper Sofas
6/24/11 12:33 PM

Great show, and party.

Though it might be a bit twisted, I loved the artwork. Makes you glad there aren't any psych wards like that anymore!

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5/28/10 03:29 PM

Tail and shell on is a must. So much more flavor. Just be careful not to overcook!

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5/6/10 12:55 PM

We sell it too!

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1/26/08 09:46 AM

Found it.

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8/17/07 01:30 PM

You can actually do this with a mixture of Vinegar and Water. I don't remember the portions but I'm sure you can find it online.

Apartment Therapy - Look! : Immersed Flowers at Kittichai
8/17/07 01:13 PM

Rivaling this is the Skip folding chair which is one of our best sellers in the NYC Metro area

Calligaris Skip Chair

Lina Leather Folding Chair
4/9/07 12:56 PM

From a retailer's perspective, I can assure you that if veneered furniture was a problem, we wouldn't be selling it. Approximately 80-85% of our inventory is veneered somewhere. People naturally assume that solid wood is a better choice, but there are many drawbacks to having solid wood. Solid wood is prone to cracking and warping, whereas veneers are generally not. Also, if the piece of furniture isn't one solid chunk of wood, you're going to have a blockboard effect (think cutting boards) which isn't very appealing.

Veneers have a couple upsides to them. First off, they are more flexible in the manufacturing process. This essentially makes way for more dynamic designs not to mention a better finished product. Secondly, they create a more appealing look by using one continuous cut which repeats the wood grain as nature grew it.

We are not advocating that you should always buy veneered furniture, but it's not a bad thing. Make sure that the veneer is glued to something substantial such as MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or Masonite and not cheap particle board. Regardless of veneer or not, you really shouldn't buy anything with particle board. It's just not made for furniture.

Good Luck!

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Good Questions: Is A Table With A Veneer Top Worth It?
4/5/07 01:08 PM