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Oooh I want to go to this. Please please please.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: 12 VIP Tickets to BKLYN Designs
5/1/08 08:59 AM


Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Holiday Gift Bag #6: Win an Ant Farm
12/11/07 08:08 PM

Mmm. Winter stew with white beans, chorizo, chicken, mushrooms, kale, and wine.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 5-Piece Set
12/11/07 08:07 PM

Amazing use of color! so bold, but harmonious. I doubt you even notice that it's raining when you're in this house.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Northwest Finalist #4: Teu's Antidote for Rain
11/15/07 05:51 AM

i love this so much! the blue and red are such an unexpected and wonderful combination-- your bed alcove looks plush and cozy from the airy living room, but it all looks beautiful together. and the rondelle lamp, and the way you hung it, is amazing.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors SouthWest Finalist #4: Ashley's East Coast Meets Far East
11/15/07 05:45 AM

incredible. I went through the slideshow twice, and now i;m going to do it again...

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors SouthWest Finalist #2: Planetsusanna's Golden Cottage
11/13/07 08:40 PM

i see from your bathroom that we are aesthetic soulmates. i bet you have a lot of genius thoughts in there.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Midwest Finalist Entry: John's Bold, Bright, Day or Night
11/13/07 08:33 PM

i love this one. everything about that dining room makes me swoon.

Apartment Therapy - FC East Finalist #3: Artsy Family's Color is for Happiness
11/13/07 08:30 PM

subway and carrara look amazing together! also, i've seen carrara subway tiles in my local tile place-- they look beautiful, and the effect gives a kind of uneven veining to the marble, which mixes things up a bit.

if you are thinking about doing more hex tile on the floor, you should check this incredible renovation out: (actually, everyone should check it out, no matter what.


i mean, wowza. 1920s style with seriously sweet funkiness.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Traditional Bathroom With Some Funk?
11/12/07 06:29 PM

but there's so much money swimming around in it! isn't this contest supposed to be a little more adventurous in spirit? as in, anyone, no matter the budget or background, can benefit from imaginative and bold color palettes? i just feel like this is for dwell or achitectural digest, not an AT amateur contest. how much of what they've done can most of us really take with us and incorporate into our own spaces? orange and blue and decluttering-- ok, but it's not a new concept. anyone can achieve graphic tonality and high contrast with great swaths of veiny marble in the bathroom-- it doesn't take that much ingenuity to have an apartment that reads "money was here."

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors East Finalist #2: Nathaniel & Keith's Blue Period
11/12/07 06:23 PM

This was my favorite from the beginning. I think this really exemplifies the ideals of this contest- bold uses of color in unexpected ways and a truly personal color palette. It looks like a lot of love went into this place-- a lot of "finds" as opposed to just throwing money at the space. I'm wild about it.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Midwest Finalist Entry: Jamie's Unorthodox Color Palette
11/11/07 07:06 PM

What a fantastic choice. DesignSponge nails color every day on her website. I'm so glad she's judging this contest!

"No Harm" Stacy-- you were a cheerleader in 8th grade, weren't you?

This judging panel looks fantastic.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Judges: Grace Bonney
11/6/07 12:41 PM