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I'm not hosting Easter brunch, but I will be contributing: Shrimp and grits casserole (with smoked cheddar, bacon and adobo chiles) as well as a carrot cake (with pineapple and coconut).

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 19-20, 2014
4/18/14 04:33 PM

I'm from Cincinnati as well, so I've grown up with Harper at home and all around town. I've never gotten tired of his work! I have a couple of his prints and some vintage posters in my apartment today, and while I don't have kids now, I could definitely see how his work would be perfect in a nursery!

Charley Harper for the Nursery
6/7/13 11:51 AM

Yum! I made this for dinner last night and am about to enjoy the leftovers for lunch. My boyfriend had never tried chicken thighs before and was rather skeptical, but I'm happy to report he loved it and couldn't believe how tender the meat was.

How To Cook Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/20/13 11:05 AM

Thanks for posting my question! I used to brew my own kombucha, but I stopped keeping up with it, and now buy a bottle or two on Whole Foods trips. My own was never quite as fizzy as the brand ones, either! I really appreciate the suggestions.

How Can I Be Sure My Store-Bought Kombucha is Fizzy? Good Questions
1/1/13 08:05 PM

Ahhh, I dream of Le Creuset — but alas, a copywriter's salary keeps it from my real-world kitchen.

Win: Le Creuset Heritage Enameled
Cast Iron Set Holiday Giveaway

12/14/12 01:50 PM

I like the blue walls and all, but...WHERE did you get that quilt? Homemade or store-bought? I'm in love.

Andrea's "Winter Lake & Spring Green" Room Room for Color Contest
10/11/12 10:58 AM

I made this for dinner last night, subbing veggie Italian sausage. It turned out great! It was actually my first time cooking acorn squash — but it won't be the last. I loved the creamy squash paired with the anise flavors of the sausage and basil. And parmesan and spinach are always welcome additions in my kitchen!

Sara's Italian Sweet and Savory Squash Bowls
Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009

10/2/12 01:56 PM

Go slow and focus...definitely the best advice for my ADD mind! Stable cutting boards are important too. I have one with sticky "nubs" on the bottom, which really helps. I believe it's from Sur le Table. I must say, though, I've sustained much worse knife injuries since upgrading my knife set! The tip of my thumb has lost sensation after a particularly poor slice.

How To Keep All Your Fingers Intact During Root Vegetable Season Knife Skills
10/2/12 01:42 PM

I made this last night with a few tweaks (just what I had in the house). I used vegetarian sausage instead of chicken sausage and a mixture of fresh yellow tomatoes and tomato sauce instead of whole canned tomatoes. It was delicious! I had the leftovers for lunch today, and it was even better.

Recipe: Cauliflower & Chicken Sausage Casserole
Best Healthy Casseroles Contest

9/25/12 12:39 PM

I'll have to agree on lifestyle changes over "dieting." For me it has been a pretty long time, just less than three years, to go from 150 lbs./size 10 to 130 lbs./size 6.

However, I wasn't stressing myself out over how many calories I had eaten, how many carbs to cut, etc. I was getting excited about seasonal, organic produce and "health foods" like hummus, chia seeds and raw honey. Eventually my diet just changed, one step at a time. And with all the new energy I had, I actually craved exercise! Now I walk every day, do yoga weekly and lift weights. I feel great. Wearing smaller clothes is just a pleasant side effect.

Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Low-Glycemic: Which Diet Is Best For Weight Loss? The Salt
9/25/12 11:25 AM they only work for the big black flies? Or for fruit flies as well? Because those little buggers drive me crazy!

Tip: Repel House Flies with Cloves
9/21/12 01:44 PM

A restaurant I frequent makes a wheatberry salad with edamame, red onion and a soy sauce/vinegar/oil dressing. Pretty tasty stuff! I've never tried to recreate it, but this post made me want to ASAP!

Why You Should Eat More: Wheat Berries Ingredient Spotlight
9/10/12 10:54 AM

Yum! I'll try this ASAP, perhaps with some Greek yogurt in place of the mayo. Tangy and tasty!

Recipe: Quick, Easy Scrambled Egg Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
9/5/12 01:56 PM

Hooray for representing Cincinnati (and Over-the-Rhine, I'm guessing) on AT! What a great party spot, and such a cute birthday girl. :)

Best Kids Parties: Garden "Block Party" My Party
8/30/12 01:40 PM

Sounds fantastic! I'm a regular almond milk buyer and would love to make my own, but wonder what the price comparison is between homemade and storebought. Can anyone give me a price breakdown? I pay about $2.50-$3 for Almond Breeze and Silk Almond cartons. Thanks!

DIY Nut Milks: 5 Easy Recipes
8/28/12 10:03 AM

What a fantastic and creative little nest. The details are so thought out and whimsical. I don't have a baby, but I would use that mountain quilt for myself! Thanks for sharing.

Baby Eleanor's Little Nest My Room
7/18/12 04:30 PM

A few years ago, I decided to take on a similar feat with some ingredients I was squeamish about: mushrooms, whiskey and radishes. Today, I have several "standard" dishes that include mushrooms; my typical bar order is a bourbon and soda; and it turns out that while ambivalent to raw radishes, I adore them roasted!

Open minds certainly can be rewarding. Thanks for a lovely post.

How Discovering Prada and a Sackful of Grapefruit Has Made Me a Better Cook Weekend Meditation
7/9/12 09:19 AM

Zucchinis have been prolific from my CSA for the last month. I've done zucchini muffins, sliced and sauteed with onions and butter, in a veggie hash with green tomatoes and onion topped with an egg...the list goes on. I think next up is some zucchini butter to slather on homemade bread.

Green-Skinned & Tender-Hearted: Zucchini Ingredient Spotlight
6/27/12 11:21 AM

@tessa6461 - That is the cutest thing ever. I hope you still have those monsters over your door when you're 80! Stories like this are the reasons I try not to judge decor choices too quickly. You never know what great story is behind them.

Displaying Unusual Objects in Your Home
6/26/12 03:52 PM

@truepeacenik - I think you're right about the tour thing! In fact, I've enjoyed quite a few Govt. Mule cocktails at music fests this summer, and they're quite refreshing!

Ginger Ale vs. Ginger Beer: What's the Difference?
6/26/12 03:06 PM