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Tip #8 should come with an asterisk. It's actually better to use a currency exchange desk at the airport in some countries in the Middle East (Egypt and Jordan on my particular trip).

Re #6, check with your bank before you leave to see if they have deals with any international ATM networks. One of the reason we keep our big brand bank account is because we get free ATM withdraws in a number of countries.

10 Smart Money Tips for International Travel
6/14/14 03:29 PM

We don't freeze meals as this suggests per se, but we do plan on what our food situation is when we get home from a long trip. We usually plan out the week's meals BEFORE the trip and make our shopping list. When we get home, we drop our bags, go out and get a bite to eat for lunch, and head to the grocery store. The meal that night is usually something quick, but homemade.

The Nicest Thing You Can Do for Yourself Before Leaving on a Trip
6/3/13 11:49 AM

Has anyone tried this with fruit or veggie toppings? I can see cheese and meat toppings doing very well. I'm wondering about how fresh pineapple would do. I love pineapple on pizza but the canned stuff is awful. It would be worth my while to cut up a fresh one if I was making several pizzas for the freezer.

How to Make Frozen Pizzas at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/21/13 07:55 PM

Cindy, there was a bit about yogurt in that lengthy NY Times article last week - about how yoplait flavored yogurts have more sugar than a bowl of lucky charms but the company keeps their healthy image carefully guarded.

As for breads, if it doesn't say 100% whole wheat, we don't buy it. I know we're probably getting duped in some other way with bread, but oh well.

5 Foods That Aren't As Healthy As You Probably Think
2/27/13 03:07 PM

This has worked really well for me for cilantro, as pictured, but basil was a massive failure and it appeared that this method may have shortened its life.

The Best Way to Keep Herbs Fresh Reader Tip
2/15/13 01:23 PM

I'm lucky enough to live walking distance to John's shop and trust me, it's awesome!

John Beaver's 5 Essential Herb and Spice Tips for Home Cooks Expert Essentials
11/21/12 01:12 PM

Thanks for this!

For marinara, I've actually found a different way around the muffin cup/tin method. I was making a bunch of marinara and didn't have enough cups, nor did I want to experiment with getting the frozen marinara out of a muffin tin.

I found that if I let the marinara cool completely and then let sit in the fridge for several hours or a day, it thickens very nicely. I take a sheet pan and put a silicone mat on it, then drop spoonfuls of sauce on it. The sauce isn't super thick, but it has enough surface tension to not run all over the mat. I put the whole thing in the freezer, then peel off the frozen hunks of marinara when I'm done and put them in a freezer bag.

25 Time-Saving Freezer Tips
8/14/12 03:03 PM

Map Coasters! I made some with favorite maps of places I've been and wrote a tutorial on it: http://almostneverclever.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/map-coasters-and-memories/

Crafting with Souvenirs: 9 DIY Projects Using Maps
7/13/12 11:23 AM

Can you be more specific on freezing and baking instructions? At what point do we freeze them? Before or after cutting slits? If we are baking directly from frozen, is an adjustment in the cooking time necessary? Thanks!

Summer Recipe: Peach & Ginger Hand Pies Recipes from The Kitchn
7/2/12 01:56 PM

Yay Spencer! I love the green!

Your Finalists: Vote Now for your Favorite Colorful Room!
Small Kids, Big Color 2011

12/12/11 12:26 PM

I second the Alton Brown breakfast sausage recipe (Here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/breakfast-sausage-recipe/index.html)

We modify it in our house to make it easier by buying ground pork (we haven't graduated to grinding our own meat yet). We take the ground pork, mix in the ingredients from the recipe, form patties, and put them in the freezer. While we are mixing it up, we take a coin-sized piece of the mix and cook it up in the pan so we can taste test it an adjust seasoning.

We make these fairly often and they are in our freezer year-round.

How Can I Make Breakfast Sausage from Scratch?
Good Questions

6/1/11 01:49 PM

1. Make best effort to have the dishwasher empty when guests arrive so we can fill it as we move through the party (1/2 the battle).

2. Husband can't stand dirty dishes. If we haven't had too much to drink, he insists on loading the dishwasher and handwashing the rest. At the very least, we get everything under control. He usually washes what he can in the time that it takes him to drink a beer (which sits on the counter next to the sink).

3. Garbage and taking beverage containers to recycling bin happens the next morning.

The Unfortunate After-Party: When Do You Do the Dishes?
5/23/11 01:56 PM

Mashed potatoes!

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Use Chipotle Powder?
Good Questions

5/17/11 07:45 PM

Eh, I don't care for DIY food kits. If I haven't picked up a grow-your-own-mushroom kit yet, I don't need one.

I get antsy about space in my kitchen, so if I have a serving dish that I don't have room for or doesn't go with the rest of my stuff, I'll likely give it away.

Thumbs up to local ingredients and artisan splurges!!

You guys are so right on cookbooks. I'd love to hear your ideas on how to communicate that I don't want/need cookbooks as gifts without sounding ungrateful.

Best Gifts for Foodies Who Have It All (And Some To Avoid)
5/17/11 06:03 PM

I didn't have a problem with the tie-in per se, just that it felt like the show was selling out a bit in terms of the food offerings and you could tell the judges didn't like it. I know target has an "expanded" food section, but the wall of processed cheese in the store near my home is a bit too much.

I wonder if Target cringed a bit with some of the judge's comments -when Padma berated a chef for saying it was a fresh coconut milk X. She asked if there were fresh coconuts and if not, it wasn't fresh. I also think Tiffany getting bashed for using the seasoning didn't help target's image.

See the wall of processed cheese here - http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/parenting/detail?entry_id=65964

Top Chef All-Stars: The Muppets Take Manhattan
2/17/11 07:14 PM

Put it on a salad. I had a salad with hot camenbert in Normandy and it was fantastic.

Make any basic green salad you like. Place little wedges of camenbert on pieces of toast and throw under broiler. When they are hot and runny, put them on top of the salad.

What Can I Do With Camembert Cheese?
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1/24/11 08:03 PM

Re Flavor Changes - yes, the flavor of garlic changes the smaller you cut it. The more you break down the cell walls (i.e. the smaller you chop it) the more garlicky flavor you will get. If you cook garlic slices in oil, it will taste milder than minced garlic cooked the same way. I personally love garlicky flavor.

I was against the garlic press for a long time but someone bought me a Zyliss. I love it. I like times when I don't need to chop anything but garlic so why dirty the cutting board? I also like being able to squeeze garlic directly in the pot in a pinch, or when I need to use an insane amount of garlic for a recipe.

Garlic Press: Should You Buy One?
1/20/11 05:08 PM

The Year of the Vegetable for me was at least 3 years ago. I wanted to get more vegetables into mine and the husband's diet. I was also convinced that people don't really "hate" veggies, they just don't know how to cook them. I grew up with a choice of frozen corn or frozen broccoli nightly.

I took the time to educate myself on how to cook different veggies, wanting to be able to buy things I saw in the market and actually know what to do with them. The resolutions that came out of that time period are still sticking with us - we eat a serving of fruit with breakfast every day. We eat a salad before dinner every night and we cook a different vegetable dish to go with dinner every night.

Is 2011 the Year of the Vegetable?
1/10/11 02:47 PM

Question - it's not entirely clear to me that the consistency of the ice cream has to be. Softened but not melted? Does it matter?

Look: Ice Cream Bread!
11/9/10 12:38 PM

How about making some of them into a wreath?

What Can I Do With 143 Pounds of Walnuts?
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11/4/10 11:37 AM