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if i could echo a couple of other commenters, i'd say that i had an absolutely dreadful experience purchasing from rugs usa; so much so that i was forced to file a complaint with the BBB of NY in order to obtain a refund (please, everyone check their history of complaints on the BBBNY website, as it is most enlightening!). their prices are so low, but you may or may not receive the actual item you ordered. they will substitute a similar item (almost always cheaper) if the one you purchased is not currently in stock. and good luck getting anyone to answer the phone within the first 30 minutes of your calling. also, if you do manage to get through, you will receive next to nothing in terms of consideration: i was offered no additional discount, and in fact, i was told i would have to place an entirely new order, rather than simply re-sending the actual item i ordered. SO FRUSTRATING!

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5/16/14 04:17 PM

Seriously, what DID happen to home hacks? it's been more than a month with no updates! this makes me very sad indeed.

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4/9/10 12:03 PM