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After what I've heard recently about HOAs, I would NEVER even consider purchasing a home involved. If you're considering it, you definitely need to get a lawyer involved to ensure that the HOA cannot just seize your home if you fall behind on your dues.

Should I Worry About Small Homeowner Associations?
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11/13/10 04:55 PM

If you'll be printing your own photos, you can get sticker-back photo paper in glossy or matte sheets of 8.5x11 for fairly cheap. This method would work great if you were using your own photos and had a photo printer. I don't think the photo sticker paper works with normal printers (just like any photo paper).

On a somewhat different approach: I am planning to laminate our posters that hang around our walls, because frames are too clunky and I don't want to nail holes in the wall (especially when I want to move them, as I too often do). So with the posters laminated, I can use sticky-tack putty to hang them without damaging the poster or the wall, but still easy to move, and the laminated posters should be better equipped for storage.

Good luck!

Best Ways to Affix Photos Directly to the Wall?
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8/6/10 08:34 PM

You have to be careful with this, so keep a close eye on your dishwasher after you clean the door seal and run it again. Our dishwasher did this, and it had nothing to do with the door seal; it turned out that the motor was overheating, melted a seal on a hose and was spraying water everywhere from underneath and had nothing to do with the door.

Easy Fix: Why My Dishwasher Flooded My Kitchen
8/1/10 10:43 PM

I've been using the Icovia Roomful Express online flash room planner to help figure out how to rearrange our furniture.

How To Make A Digital Floorplan With SketchUp | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 12:45 AM