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I came across this home while looking for small space ideas (for my 750 sq ft, 5 people, 3 cats home). I ♥ this space! But to the few who have made negative comments -- please don't forget why people live in a small space! It feels good to have less, use less, and take up less space on this earth. I love the simplicity and ingenuity of this space. When they feel cramped, all they have to do is go outside, especially in New York with so much to explore! I like the co-sleeping with babe, too -- a practice that much of the world adopts quite safely, thank you! With baby 2 or 3 years old now, I am curious if they still live there. Anyone know? Thanks for sharing!

Inside Out: Max and Sara Kate's Small Really is Cool! | Apartment Therapy New York
3/31/10 02:15 PM