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Eye rollllllllllllll. I can think of probably a thousand things this area could be named other than MANLAND. Great job, Ikea.

Video Alert: IKEA Introduces MANLAND In Australia
9/28/11 04:31 PM

Wow, the blue chair with the white spatter is breathtaking. What's it called, the Lewinsky?

Making a Mess With Paint: Drips, Swirls & Splatters
7/6/11 11:23 PM

Don't worry about the hardware right now until you get new countertops and see if you even notice the bright white, bare cupboards anymore. I feel like now, they only really stand out because they're so bright and stark by comparison and the counter is so dingy looking now that you have this fresh white paint on your doors!

Live with it awhile first, too!

Nice job!

Should We Add Hardware To Our Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

5/22/11 05:27 AM

Pyrexmaniac's comment above is cracking me up. He/she regrets looking at the "after" photos? REGRETS? That's a pretty firm stance on someone else's kitchen remodel, buddy. Actually laughing out loud, here.

Those cabinets were AWFUL and your kitchen looks amazing now! So fresh looking. Great job, and kudos to your "no charging anything" rule. This is inspiring!

Before & After: Lisa DIY Kitchen Rehab
5/8/11 11:39 PM

Another good frame for busting up large prints/posters into smaller ones are those clip frames from Ikea. I love them, and they cost practically nothing!

Modular, Large-Scale Artwork | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/19/10 01:44 PM

I don't think you should bring it up to the ceiling! Modlife posted that it would bring height to the room but I don't think that's the case with your vaulted ceilings! It would look choppy. I agree with Spanky.

Suggestions for Fireplace Makeover? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/19/10 01:34 PM

Wow, I was seconds away from buying this sofa! Leaning towards reupholstering my old one now.

Reviews of the CB2 Bolla Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/14/10 10:01 AM

I love trunks as end tables and storage, but ours is very old. Any tips on getting the musty smell out?

Double-Duty Furniture: The Trunk | Apartment Therapy San Francisco#comments
4/14/10 09:57 AM

This is so Wonka factory.


Everybody in!

Small Dining Room with Big Personality | Apartment Therapy Chicago#comments
4/14/10 09:56 AM

The island was build by Anne's husband, according to the post (not an Ikea cabinet, as bepsf indicated). If that's "characterless," I don't know what HAS character.

I gotta say, the before seemed so unfocused... I can't relate to those who say they liked it better.

Before & After: Anne's Dine-in Kitchen | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/10/10 12:43 AM

What a timely post! I was just trying to explain to my partner what I meant about bookcases behind the bed, then tables in front. Now I have a visual aid. The place looks great! I never really thought of 800 sq ft as been all that itty bitty, but you make really good use of your space and have given me some wonderful ideas.

Small Cool 2010: Vernon's Updated Spanish Revival Small Division #7 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles#comments
4/9/10 06:15 PM

I want -- no, NEED -- that print of the soldier on the horse. Please share where you got it, Anne!

Also, this is a very impressive transformation with what is, in the scheme of kitchen redos, little effort. To the comment about the "apartment grade" cabinets, I think photos can be deceiving, and upon close inspection they appear to be decent-quality wood and not really apartmenty at all. (When I think apartment grade, I think pressboard covered in white veneer with fake walnut accent, haha).

Perhaps adding some hardware would help change that initial response, though, and pull it together a bit more? Just a thought.

Either way, great job!

Before & After: Anne's Dine-in Kitchen | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/9/10 10:28 AM

Holy mackerel! Wonder if this will spawn any more new leather ideas -- but I can't really sea how comfy it'd be. It'd be all right if it wasn't the sole material (maybe an accent).

I'll be here all week, folks.

A Leather Alternative: Salmon Skin | Apartment Therapy San Francisco#comments
4/8/10 11:06 PM

I should clarify -- a film, or a flat panel would help achieve this look. You may even be able to fit a tension rod in your window frame and change out a sheer panel.

Colorful Window Treatment Suggestions for Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/7/10 02:22 PM

I'm stealing an idea from another AT post:


Check out the top left hand corner. I think something like this would work for you, because I can't imagine more fabric in your narrow bathroom (plus I like, detest fabric in a bathroom and try to use it sparingly). Just a thought, and sorry if this was posted already!

Colorful Window Treatment Suggestions for Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/7/10 02:20 PM

I think treatments like this can really shorten a room's height. Better have high ceilings before attempting at home...

Or better yet, maybe just don't do this, haha. Sorry, not a fan.

A Reader's Take on Unconventional Paint Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/7/10 01:22 PM

I was going to also post in favor of window films. Plus, it's awesome what you can do with an exacto knife and a stencil (or freehand if you are artsyfartsy), to give yourself some visibility too. Just be careful to not scratch the glass.

Creative Window Treatment Solutions for Sliding Glass Doors?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/31/10 11:15 AM

RobotLover -- I WOULD be amazed. Pls elaborate.

I have a full kitchen, but I also have an electric griddle and I love it. Mine has lasted forever, too. I had a less-than-ideal kitchen in my first college apartment, but I was still able to crank out pancake breakfasts for me and my friends on hungover mornings. You can pretty much make anything on it, and it stores easily because it's thin and flat.

How to Prepare Meals with No Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/31/10 11:09 AM

I think something rectangular, with really clean lines, and completely clear acrylic/lucite the whole way through would look amazing. I can't find a photo that fits (might have to be a custom job) but I'm thinking the shape of the first table in the original post, except see-through. Show off those insane chairs!

Also, hi everyone (first post).

Table Suggestions for My New Verner Panton Chairs? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/31/10 11:05 AM