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I sleep with 4, all for me on my queen bed. Two firm pillows and 2 really soft ones.

How Many Pillows Do You Sleep With?
3/25/11 04:38 PM

I house sat my brothers place for a week and this same thing happen to me the first day. I almost went crazy! I ended up calling him and he told me it was the refrigerator.

The Mystery Beep | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/20/10 03:56 PM

Seeing "SAMROSENB" pictures has really shown the thought process you ahd to go through, and I love it!!!!! Good job at making such a tiny space look so warm. I only have one probelm but that would be if "I" lived there...lol!!! What would I do with all my shoes????? I would have to hang them from the ceiling, the closet is tiny, Props to you for being able to fit all your clothes in there.

Small Cool 2010: Amanda's Simple & Sweet Studio Teeny Tiny Division #15 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/16/10 04:54 PM

I think with the blueprint she made she needs to re-think her space. She can set the apratment up so much nicer then the way she has it now. I mean the couch faces a wall....Why not the opposite to the window?

Small Cool 2010: Megan's Modern Eclectic Little Division # 12 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/15/10 12:25 PM

I find it funny, I re-did my entire room with teal before I found out it was the color of the year...YAY ME!!!!

Color Combo: Turquoise, Red, and White | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/31/10 10:42 AM