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Scoot--None of Knoll's products are made in China. I just checked their website and they have factories in the US, Canada, and Italy. (If you google knoll and made in china you will find Chinese companies that exploit Knoll's designs -- even those designed by Florence Knoll.) Knoll, along with Herman Miller, have strict environmental standards to protect our world. HM has a unique and amazing philosophy of caring for its workers. Both Knoll and HM are American companies and yes, Americans are paid more. Do you want to work for Chinese wages and under Chinese conditions? Do you want to live near a Chinese factory. I assure you, you do not! American companies and American workers pay taxes and contribute to YOUR welfare. They are important to our future. I have nothing against Chinese furniture companies that want to create something unique--I used to live in China--but I resent the theft of our intellectual property.

If original design has no value, then what is the incentive to innovate? If anyone can blatantly copy your design, call it by the same name, and undersell it (usually by creating an inferior quality product) then why even try? If you think the design is great, you should pay for it. Companies have the right to charge whatever they want. If you don't like their prices, then find something else. Don't steal. (Be honest, isn't part of the appeal of the chair that it's high-end.) Value integrity and originality, not fraud and forgery.

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4/1/10 05:49 PM

By the way, the Womb chair comes in more than one size. I know from experience that DWR, one of the main distributors, can get it in at least 2 sizes and in other Knoll fabrics that are not listed in their literature. You have to ask.
I would guess the other retailers can do so, also.

What is Wrong With this Chair? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/31/10 02:29 AM

Saarinen designed the chair for Knoll. Knoll OWNS the design! They invested in the design and knock-offs are theft--plain and simple.

Many modern designs were designed specifically for Knoll or Herman Miller (for money) and the misinformation I see about them being meant for the masses is coming from someone who fell asleep during art/design/architecture history and only caught part of the story. It is hilarious and ironic to read that some people think the owner of the design is greedy for charging whatever they want, yet they think they themselves deserve to have the design free just because they are entitled. Wow!

China steals our movies, our music, our art, our technology, etc. and sells it back to us and we greedily aid and abet the theft.

Why should they pay someone to design something great, when they can simply STEAL someone else's work and immoral, greedy consumers don't care. If you value innovation, design, originality, or quality, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find an original of something you can afford.

There are thousands of designers out there who are doing great work and are barely able to survive.

What is Wrong With this Chair? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/31/10 02:22 AM