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Thank you for letting me know about Nina Ottosson dog toys! Which one(s) do you have for your dogs, or which would you recommend?

We live in Chicago and take our dog (bully mixed) to daycare once a week and also agility class once a week, though my husband does bundle up on weekends to take her out for a longer play. She knows her weekends! Even though she loves to play, she would shiver on some cold days. Daycare definitely saves us for sure.

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3/8/14 02:25 PM


Before & After: Maura's $13 DIY Wall Art!
1/12/14 10:14 AM

I just came across this beautiful shelving system. Is there still no US retailer for it?

Nisse Strinning's String Shelving System
3/27/13 10:20 AM

Let's doooo eeeet!!!

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12/18/12 02:26 PM

Does anyone know the source of the bookcase/shelving in the kitchen nook area (main picture)? I've seen it before, though can't place the source. It looks really good there, and I'm considering the same for our kitchen nook :)

Alex & Sarah's Traveler's HomeHouse Tour
11/9/12 12:23 PM


Friday Funny: Midcentury Modern Hits Retirement core77
5/11/12 09:17 AM

I'm not anywhere close to being a neat person, but it's something I strive to be. I used to think that a neat and clutter-free home looks cold, but as I grow older I've embraced the thought of my kitchen looking like the picture posted above. It takes a lot of energy to be neat and clutter-free, and I haven't been entirely successful at it. To me, I like to come home to a clean home since my work is often stressful. It stresses me out more to have to see junks all over. The bottom line is do whatever works for you. It is your home after all. I embrace the clutter-free, but still working hard of making that in my nest :)

Tips for Keeping a Clutter-Free Kitchen
5/11/12 09:14 AM

i must admit i was a little giddy when i first saw the labels, but then it all went away as i read the comments. everyone here's right: that, while the labels are cute, they're waste. we always have masking tape on hand from various painting projects. so, back to masking tape and sharpie!

Look! Pretty Freezer Labels
4/3/12 09:29 AM

Love your kitchen cabinets. I checked out Wisconsin-Built website, and it wasn't clear to me if they do residential. How did you come to getting the cabinets from them?

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12/16/10 08:49 AM

wow - glad to see i'm not the only fern-killer out there! some suggestions/comments have given me inspiration to give fern another try, not that we need anymore plants indoor right now though... hubby's not going to be happy about this, which is... perfect! :D

The Rains are Coming & the Ferns are Jazzed!
10/27/10 02:13 PM

Ah, ferns. A best friend gave me one as Christmas gift. It died soon after. I misted, I put it in indirect light, I loved it. Nothing worked. I'm usually a green-thumb, but not with ferns apparently. One day I'll be brave and give it another shot.

The Rains are Coming & the Ferns are Jazzed!
10/26/10 11:11 AM

love 'em!

Feed Your Inner Geek with YumBots
9/9/10 04:47 PM

ooh - really like this idea. thank you!

Simple Improvements Give You More Bang For Your Buck
9/3/10 11:07 AM

do people care anymore about home theater system? i've been refusing to toss out our receivers and speakers because we still use them to watch certain movies, like Batman, etc. i have to admit that this is the only reason i still have components (plus that gives me another excuse to keep my MD player!) otherwise i would totally switch to something smaller and more compact.

Home Audio Evolved
9/3/10 11:04 AM

i'm very inspired by this project, too. i'm going to look for fabric tomorrow and get going on this project. While laying a bed sheet between the mattress and box spring would work, I want heavy-duty bedskirt. This will be a replacement for a second bedskirt in two years. Our dog kept ripping it : (

How To: Make a Simple Bed Skirt
9/3/10 08:53 AM

We actually bought the Steele canvas basket after I saw a post on AT a few months ago. We LOVE it! It's sturdy with industrial wheels, which is the feature we were looking for. One con with the basket we bought is that it's a bit too low to pull to our laundry room, but we knew this when we bought it. Because of where we can store the basket, we had to keep it low. I'd definitely upgrade it into something taller if we should move out from our current place.

5 Laundry Carts for Home
9/1/10 09:36 AM

i have many plants, but i've ever only named one: bruce the spruce. bruce died soon after i'd named him... but i don't think that's why i haven't named any of my other plants.

however, we randomly name spiders in our place. not that we can tell the difference between them. we just call them "gary", "glenn", or "gladys." not sure why they all start with "g"...

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7/29/10 09:56 AM

So I should have listened to my husband! Good thing he doesn't really read this blog so he wouldn't know that I'm admitting that he was right : ) Now I know: primer, primer, primer!

The Secret to Successfully Painting IKEA Shelves Reader Intelligence Report | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/19/10 10:58 PM

I've been up there once before... many moons ago. It was such a quaint little space. It was like you had a private space in the middle of a busy restaurant. I don't recall how we got the space... not sure if someone knew someone or it was just available.

Hidden Room Love: Table 70 at Vivo | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/18/10 10:22 AM

Really like the place. Clean... serene... Nicely done!

Jim's Earthy Garden Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/8/10 11:06 AM