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I like this grinder for ease of use and can use spices fresh each time. The door in front makes it really easy to load.

Better Flavor, Fresher Longer: Or, Why You Should Bother with Whole Spices
2/16/13 10:19 AM

Sur La Table has a great selection of many of these salt containers. I have a bamboo one for my Maldon salt. Can't even begin to cook anything without that salt anymore...what a difference!

10 Salt Containers Worth Your Salt Product Roundup
1/31/13 06:06 PM

I disagree with some of the posts and think this is BEAUTIFUL. Yes it looks clean and organized, which I would think speaks volumes as to the kind of person they are dealing with.

Rocky Mountain High: The Home Office of Photographer David Lauer Lifework
11/9/12 08:39 AM


This is the site that the one above links to for source. Cool Site!

Source For Black and White Tapestry or Similar? Good Questions
9/27/12 03:42 PM

"The d─Ścor isn't unattractive, but if I hired a decorator I'd have a fit if they sourced Restoration Hardware."

OK just had to comment on this one...I love a lot (not all) of the looks Resto has introduced us to and the quality of their merchandise is much better than a lot of big stores. Had he sourced IKEA it would have been rah rah... When we returned to the US a couple of years ago we lost all our furniture along the way. I went to IKEA and on the way out passed their scratch and dent area. Made me decide to never buy there, seeing how poorly items were made, so I went to RH, spent money on a couch and two lamp shades that I put on Target lamps. Everything else was garage sale & consignment shop items I could fix up. I couldn't be happier with the outcome & am almost glad to have had to start all over.

Michael Moeller's Bachelor Pad Project in the Sky House Tour
5/18/12 10:09 AM

I beg to disagree with "always hang art a little higher than you think you should". Sorry it is one of my pet peeves... However there are a lot of things I like in this space :-)

Kelly and Michael's Light and Bright Abode House Tour
4/27/12 08:40 PM

This has been so awesome to see! I kept saving pics. for ideas & there is more than most magazines. I could care less that it was professionally done or has a lot of sq. footage. The use of old and new is what I love seeing and it was done very well here. Thank you so much for taking the time to share!!!

Jim & Theresa's House on the Venice Canal House Tour
3/6/12 07:09 AM

Don't overlook making throw pillows from kitchen towels and place mats when they go on sale at your local cooking stores! Some of them have great prints and can be as low as 3.00 a piece.

DIY or Buy: Throw Pillows for a Decor Refresh
2/2/12 07:14 PM

I haven't liked her daily show but the one "Martha Bakes" is excellent. Hopefully that didn't get dropped. Her format for this one is great and although I have been cooking/baking for years, I have learned a lot and been telling customers at a retail cooking store I work at, to watch it.

Martha Stewart Dropped From Hallmark Channel
Design News 1.4.12

1/4/12 07:31 PM

We live an apt. where painting walls is not allowed and I think they are going to be sorry whenever we move out! I have gotten around it by hanging very large artwork that infuses color. It has actually been fun & made me think outside the box, going to garage sales and junk stores to find cheap items to use as frames. One of the most spectacular items turned out to be a 42 inch round table top that the glass must have broken out of for $15. I painted it black, then inserted art. Kind of hard to see the scale but copy and paste following to see. http://snootyfox.shutterfly.com/pictures/20

How To Use This Comforter in a Bedroom I Can't Paint?
Good Questions

10/26/11 09:49 AM

re: mdk
Just sand a bit, then paint with something like pratt & lambert acrylic self-priming white paint.

How to Refinish Heirloom Desk?
Good Questions

10/6/11 09:40 AM

Your pink accents will stand out a lot better if you were to paint the lower part white and sand & stain the top part, then add cool knobs & handles that can pick up on the pink. I just refinished a desk bought at garage sale and did this with knobs and handles from anthropologie.
You can also look at e-bay. Although the handles were more than I paid for the solid oak desk, it turned a ho hum desk into a gorgeous piece of furniture!

How to Refinish Heirloom Desk?
Good Questions

10/6/11 08:53 AM

I cannot for the life of me understand WHY people think that if a designer has more money than they do, there is nothing to be gained. Sarah's designs are chalk full of attainable ideas & her process in thinking things through is very beneficial...no matter how much money you do or don't have.

Sarah Richardson's Cottage Makeover

8/23/11 03:07 PM

Sarah is hands down my favourite designer! Her website has a WEALTH of information and inspiration. http://www.sarahrichardsondesign.com/

Sarah Richardson's Cottage Makeover

8/23/11 11:10 AM

Interesting lesson! It made me go back to my favorite piece of artwork & realized this 80-20 principle is what makes it. http://snootyfox.shutterfly.com/pictures/26

Week 3: The 80/20 Rule
The Color Cure

8/16/11 09:48 AM

#1 did well to paint the wood out but the furniture arrangement needs a LOT of work. Possibilities are having the couches facing each other in front of the fireplace or at least having the couch on part of the area rug so it grounds things a bit. Everything looks like someone just moved it in and it hasn't been arranged yet.

Before & After: Two Living Rooms Transformed with Color
The Color Cure

8/14/11 08:07 AM

What I have found is that for me, color & decor is dictated by climate & surroundings. For ex. We moved to an island in the Caribbean & had to build out and decorate a grocery store & restaurant on the water. I went down with my favorite RL colors from living in CO & they looked horrible there! Went with the local flavor of tangerines, corals, yellows & bright blues and fell in love with it. Moved to MN from there and went back to warm comfy colors & decor.

Color Quiz! Are You Warm or Cool Colored?
8/11/11 10:19 AM

I have a similar project that the veneer is too far gone on. Sanded it the best I could then painted it black. Still doesn't look great so I am going to silver leaf it. That might look great for this table.

How To Fix Trim On Mid-Century Table?
Good Questions

7/22/11 10:11 PM

Absolutely my all time favorite decorator! I love her sharing the thinking behind the design and incorporating some re-purposed items that give a bright, comfortable (not granny) look. Quite refreshing after watching other designers that totally obliterate anything a household might have owned.

Apartment Therapy Interviews: Sarah Richardson
7/9/11 08:37 AM

Himalayan salt lamp solved our problem with odors. It truly does work and probably our most important buy after moving into an apt. or the first time. Now we are trying to figure out how to deal with the grease, smoke alarm aspect.

Do You Have a Range Hood? And Coping Without | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/29/10 09:38 AM