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Red, it's two duvets side by side (i.e., one for each person) not layered on top of each other, so I don't think you would bake to death. But personally, when I lived in Scandinavia I never got used to this. If I'm sleeping with my partner, I want to be able snuggle together under one large duvet. With two, there's always cold air coming in between each person's separate duvet. In a cold climate, I like a top sheet, too, as even a thin extra layer helps preserve body heat on cold nights.

Hotel as Home: Cozy Style in Stockholm
A Look Inside the Scandic Grand Central

2/9/12 03:52 PM

For someone allergic to cords, a white cord hanging off the front of the desk makes no sense at all!

The 98% Cordless Home Office
9/7/10 04:46 PM

Here's another vote for keeping the rug and the chairs, and dumping the sofa. Yes, a bigger rug would be even better, but for now, bring it farther out into the room, leaving a bit of wood in front of the sofa. Buy a new sofa, or at least replace the sagging back cushions, put some artwork up on your walls, and your room will look 100% better!

Do We Need to Replace this Rug?
Good Questions

9/7/10 04:42 PM

Ah, what a shame it would be to cover that gorgeous view! If you must do so, I think some sleek shades or blinds would be infinitely preferable to curtains. You want to pick up on the geometric shapes in the window and in your carpet, and you want the shades or blinds to virtually disappear when they're open. The Shade Store mentioned above is a good option, as is Smith & Noble.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Curtain Inspiration For My Corner Window?
11/5/07 10:02 AM