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It's like a college crash pad, if you had a cushy budget!

Showtime House 2010
House Tour

9/14/10 10:37 AM

Hooray for St. Johns! The only neighborhood with a bridge lovelier than the Golden Gate (according to the designer of both).

A calm and pleasant space, nice job!

Travis & Nicole's Verdant St. Johns Oasis
House Tour

9/7/10 03:50 PM

Fortune favours the Brave! Nice job.

Before & After: Drew's Fantastic Factory Conversion
House Call

9/7/10 03:43 PM

When not twisted up on a airport bench, I sleep on a Cranesfurt Begginworth ne plus ultra.

Sure, some see it as a $120 rock hard mattress with 3" of super dense memory foam on top - but only after they've gushed about what a great sleep they had and demanded to know where I got such a wonderful thing.

Preview: The Hastens Excelsior II
A Year in Bed Project

9/7/10 03:41 PM

While you were thinking about it, I already got 'em.

First rule of craigslist: be the firstest with the mostest. My replies always say: flexible schedule/appropriate transportation/courteous buyer.

He who hesitates is lost.

Do Free Craigslist Chairs Go With My New Table?
Good Questions

9/5/10 10:52 AM

All hail regretsy!

Ba Dam — Ching! Comedic Hits from Apartment Therapy
9/5/10 10:39 AM

How cool to see all the South Louisiana posters! We end up everywhere.

Had to grin at the slammer comments - how many of these folks fawn over repurposing fruit crates and industrial salvage? One person's bathtub grotto is another's oscilloscope bookshelf support.

Lawn Shrines: Bathtub Madonna
9/5/10 10:37 AM

Best post ever!. While living in Santa Barbara, Sunday night (Monday trash day) curb trolling was more fun than fishing! Best finds: Perfect bespoke wool suits and a leather valise. Lots of retired film people living there, their castoffs were vintage gold!

Tips for Mastering the Fine Art of Dumpster Diving
9/5/10 10:26 AM

Took me four minutes to tear my eyes away from that fourth paisley. It's like Hypnotoad.

Las Vegas Carpets Series by Chris Maluszynski

9/2/10 10:40 AM

I wonder if there will ever be a run on that weird "early american" mutant colonial furniture (before living room) at some point?

Before & After: Carolyn's Space Age Tubs!
House Call

9/1/10 12:13 PM

Brings to mind a distinction made during 20 years of living in a floating home in Oregon.

Houseboat = self contained vessel capable of navigation under its own power with living quarters being the primary design consideration.

Floating home = home built on float not capable of moving on its own, typically moored with similar dwellings for electric/gas/sewer connections.

Big difference from an insurance, slip rental and general space/cost ratio perspective. My guess is that this is not self contained and needs shore power/water/sewer.

Houseboat in Hamburg

9/1/10 12:02 PM

In the 1968 film Wonderwall, Dutch design collective The Fool built beautiful sets for hippie hottie Jane Birkin's character and nebbish prof Jack MacGowran's unrequited love affair.

Conducted from the vouyeristic perspective of MacGowan's introverted art nouveau pad into the psychedelic wonderland of Birkin's fashion photographer boyfriend, the incredible interiors are a living, evolving character in the film.

Bonus: score by George Harrison.

Only a starter house in that Birkin has (apparently) just moved in.

Best Starter Homes from the Movies
9/1/10 11:19 AM

tinyvoices - there are guys who are attracted to guys who limit their education? Man, you learn something every day.

Home Accessories Without the Frills
Inside Man

8/27/10 03:47 PM

Thanks for all the inspirational goodness, Al. Inside Man, take note: this is how it's done.

The House That Al Built, With a Twist
House Tour

8/27/10 03:30 PM

I'm not sure what a guy's guy is, but I'm a straight male who could care less about stick and ball sports. I can thin timber, build furniture , pour concrete and design the f#&k out of type. I'm also okay at selecting throw pillows and candle holders, not bad with color theory, space division and gardening.

Before you offend anyone, how about dropping the limiting stereotypes? Contrary to the apparent assumption of this series, design skills are not the exclusive métier of either gender.

Home Accessories Without the Frills
Inside Man

8/27/10 03:21 PM

The luscious product of a beautiful mind - but where is the mini giraffe?

Laid Back Opulence from Austin's Capitol Saddlery
8/27/10 10:41 AM

Any yard treatment you attempt without proper preparation and some idea of the water flow/seasonal changes/ maintenance issues is not likely to make you happy.

Most puzzling are the posts that warn of a muddy mess come rainy season. That exactly why and how I use gravel beds. The water runs right through them without standing or soaking in.

I'm using tamped and cleared soil covered with heavy plastic underneath the gravel areas and an appropriate border and seep holes in low spots.

In one walk, big flagstones are anchored with small irregular gravel (pea gravel would never work).

In an area designed to hold pots of herbs by the kitchen, larger gravel keeps over watering from pooling and makes the big pots easy to move around.

Gravel Landscapes
8/25/10 07:15 PM

landlines are for people with something resembling a root.

Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?
8/24/10 11:49 AM

No wonder airplanes are so tortuously cramped! - CTalley

Nailed it.

Living in 182 Square Feet in Seattle
The Seattle Times

8/24/10 11:28 AM

Is it horseshoe up to hold the luck or horseshoe down to shower the entry with luck?

I remember seeing a blue bottle on a stick outside of many an old dogtrot slab log home in northern Louisiana (to keep the haunts away).

Always have a good natured laugh when I happen upon a multicolored bottle tree in front of a MacMansion with a subscription to Southern Living. Serious fear evolves into decorative accent.

Setting up Home: Superstitions
8/19/10 09:55 PM