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What about the pizza this kitchen produces? Superb.

Cindy's Tiny Yet Complete Austin Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2010 - Own Division | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/13/10 07:44 PM

Wow! So many comments - thanks for the compliments. We lucked out when we got this house - bought it from a colleague for under market value as long as we promised to not tear it down and rebuild. Developers landed in our neighborhood (Deep Eddy for the Austinites reading) and drove up prices, demolished or moved the old bungalows, and put up over-sized monsters. To previous poster- everything we did was on a SERIOUSLY tight budget. I promise.

Also, to respond to some of the other comments/questions:
The counters are from Lumber Liquidators, and they're cherry. I oil them every 6 months using Velvit oil to keep the matte luster. It took many iterations to get the sealant right, and I highly recommend the product. The only other material I would have used in this house is Richlite or Silestone. Both were too much for our budget, though. We only splurged on some details - the faucet and hardware, to be specific. Everything else is pretty much as off-the-shelf as one can get.

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3/27/10 01:10 AM