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I love those dining chairs, where are they from?

Quick Tip: Cleaning Ballpoint Pen Off a Saarinen Table
12/28/11 04:46 PM

Stuffed zucchini blossoms must be one of my favorite dishes in the world -- they remind me of the gorgeous Aegean sea and the summer. I made some last year using this recipe (for the western Turkish version) and they turned out amazing. Make sure you set aside some time though, stuffing the blossoms can be time consuming.


Ways to Cook Zucchini Blossoms — Other Than Frying?
Good Questions

7/8/11 09:48 PM

Although I haven't made it yet, I have been eyeing this Raw Cashew Dreamcake (vegan, raw, gluten free "cheesecake"). The sweetness comes from medjool dates and honey, and the cheesiness comes from ground cashews and coconut fat. It looks absolutely droolworthy and I'm excited to try it!


How Can I Make a Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Birthday Cake?
Good Questions

5/16/11 03:08 PM

The "default" way to eat tahini in Turkey is to swirl pekmez (grape molasses) into it to make a bread dip. Yum.

Open Sesame! What To Do With a Jar of Tahini
8/5/10 12:23 PM

Animals with access to high-fructose corn syrup gained 48 percent more weight than those eating a normal diet. In humans, this would be equivalent to a 200-pound man gaining 96 pounds.

First of all, you're misquoting the article. That last sentence is NOT in the actual piece.

Second of all, it's plain wrong. That's not what "gained 48 percent more weight" means. It means that if the man on a normal diet gained 1 pound, the HFCS eating man would gain 1.48 pounds.

Scientists Finally Prove High Fructose Corn Syrup Risks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/25/10 11:25 PM