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I have the Aiden box shelves from JC Penny that are somewhat similar. They are darker than they appear on their website.

Resources for Inexpensive Floating Drawers?
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9/20/11 05:29 PM

I've got FLOR tiles on the carpet in our entryway. The stickies that came with the tiles didn't work. I had to use double sided carpet tape I got at Lowes to get them to stick. I'm afraid what it will look like underneath the tiles when we move, but for now it looks great.

I don't remember what brand of double stick tape I used, but I had to try a couple different brands before I got one that worked. I put the tape down on the carpet first in a grid pattern and laid the tiles down on that. Haven't had any lift off the carpet for over a year now.

How to Spruce Up Rental's Carpet?
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7/8/11 09:39 PM

Buy an Ikea PS media stand (do a search on Apartment Therapy) and have someone paint/distress it for you.

I finally went to H.D. Buttercup in L.A. last summer and realized that Restoration Hardware was selling knock-offs of their designer furniture for a tenth of the price. So I'd say Restoration Hardware *is* the discount version of what you're looking for.

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3/1/11 11:58 AM

I have the Ludvig because of the small footprint, but the storage space under the desk is a pain in the butt. You have to bend over and stick your head under the desk to find anything. Also, make sure you use strong wall anchors or studs to mount it or the weight of your pc and forearms will cause it to come crashing down!

Use Two IKEA Ludvigs to Create a Compact Desk for Two
12/7/10 01:08 PM

My wife and I had the same dilema. We put china with a contemporary design in our china cabinet and reupholstered the chairs with something more contemporary.

How to Work Inherited Antique into Modern Decor?
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8/23/10 06:24 PM

They still have the simple Dave laptop table. I like the more complicated Dave in white but it is too small for my 17" laptop. :(

IKEA 2011 Catalog Home Office Preview Showroom | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/19/10 02:07 PM

I can go to H.D. Buttercup and by a side table for $2500 or wait six months and buy a knock-off for $450 at Restoration Hardware. In a year they'll be selling them at Target for $100. Same difference.

Designed or Deceived? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/15/10 11:36 PM

I went with the Ikea Malaro table for $69. I bought the matching bench and two folding side chairs for a grand total of $200.

Best Outdoor Dining Tables 2010 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/9/10 03:05 PM

The target bistro set also comes in lime green and goes for $109. Just do a search for "bistro set" on their site. JC Penny has a nice 3-piece bistro set with square table top for only $79. It also comes in lime green or white.

Cafe Tables | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/29/10 10:22 AM

Shesh, Ikea does something similar called the "Dave" for less than $75 bucks.

A Desk Truly for One: Davide Varotto's Bit | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/21/10 11:41 AM

I'm moving this weekend from a 1300 square foot house with a garage to a 750 square foot apartment. I started packing a month ago and set aside ten years of accumulated stuff for the mother of all garage sales. I made almost $500 in four hours!

My neighbor had already scheduled a pickup by Disabled Veterans of America that same day at her house. Anything I didn't sell, I boxed up and walked over to her driveway. So I have a lot less stuff to clutter the new apartment and a fat wad of cash for a new coffee table. Can't beat that.

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3/25/10 11:24 PM