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hi. took me a little bit to circle back, but wanted to say thanks for posting the etsy link. I will check it out. thanks. LL

Anna's "Whimsical Color" Room
12/5/11 09:50 PM

Sounds great - thanks!

Anna's "Whimsical Color" Room
11/11/11 09:30 PM

Anna -- do you have an Etsy account? I'm not so DIY, but love your "table" art. Do you sell? LL

Anna's "Whimsical Color" Room
11/10/11 08:37 PM

@SarahGoldbaum: Thanks, thanks for the links to the Jewish Museum mezzuzot collection. I've looked before, but I will check it out again. Happy Hanukkah!!

Best Modern Menorahs 2010
12/3/10 01:26 PM

Thanks for this great & timely post. It would be appreciated if you could do a similar top-10 for mezzuzahs at some point. I had a modern mezzuzah I picked up in a design store years ago, but have never found one I liked as much (sadly it broke). I'd love to see a round-up from you & your readers. Thanks!

Best Modern Menorahs 2010
11/29/10 12:51 PM

I love the purple shoes in the first pic! Ahh, Paris!

Parisian Ladies at Home
My Little Paris

11/23/10 12:13 PM

Anyone know where I can find this coffeetable pair? Thanks!

Light Blue and Bright Red
10/25/10 12:12 PM

Thanks for the housedoctor link. It doesn't seem like their wares are for sale in the U.S. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Ralfefarfars Paradis' Rustically Chic Kitchen | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/27/10 06:52 PM