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What a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this home. I'm struck by how the furniture and decor all seem familiar (the source is list relatively accessible--nothing too design-y, pricey, or obscure), but it all comes together in an inspired way. I especially love how the parents encouraged Sawyer's participation in the decoration of this house.

Paint is on my mind these days, so I'll be the first to request a catalog of the paint colors used throughout the house!

Pam & Bryan's Comfortably Creative Family Home
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1/27/11 01:30 PM

Why is everyone calling it a "gazelle"? It is clearly a deer, and a Thai lucky deer, at that.

Kelly & Greg's Chez Glamouramous
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12/8/10 12:13 PM

Why is everyone calling it a "gazelle"? It is clearly a deer, and a Thai lucky deer, at that.

Kelly & Greg's Chez Glamouramous
House Tour

12/8/10 12:13 PM

Like cyberval, I also don't understand that line about getting rid of books to make room for new ideas. Our brains always have room for new ideas regardless of shelf space! If I had had more shelf space, I wouldn't have gotten rid of all those books in my twenties--books that I remember fondly and miss terribly (some of which, as Lisa Hunter cautioned, I actually hunted down and bought used).

How To Declutter Your Home
10/20/10 02:56 PM

Wow, as a child it *never* occurred to me to eat outside of the dining or breakfast room, unless it was a party, in which case the kids sat at the card table specifically made up for eating. And we had white couches in the formal living room. BUT, I remember taking a red sharpie to a red parsons side table once (thinking I was so clever because then my drawings would be camouflaged). I grew up in the era of spanking, and nothing generally gets past my mom, but for some reason, I never got punished for that! (Must call and ask if she remembers!)

New Options for Kid-Friendly Upholstery
10/1/10 09:54 AM

I love how the house manages to feel kitschy and a whole lot of fun, while also being decidedly grown up and stylish. I feel like most house tours here are either one or the other.

Three Men & a Home with Photography
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9/27/10 04:57 PM

Chiming in on the 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 under the coffee table, nothing in the dining area.

What Size Rug for New HUGE Sectional Sofa?
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9/14/10 05:33 PM

I love it. Like a museum set in a historic home, but better, because it looks clean and welcoming, and very well loved. How lucky to be able to surround themselves with so much art that is so thoughtfully collected. I love how cohesive the color scheme is, inside and out. More, please!

Marta & Oswaldo Viteri's Vast Story-telling Collection
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9/3/10 09:07 AM

I think it would depend on how you intend to use the space. Do you like having friends over, or do you go out more? When I lived in a studio (smaller than yours), I had a full bed and a computer desk, and I ate at the bar that divided the kitchen area from the bed, so no dining table. But I also did most of my socializing out of the apartment, and did not watch TV, so no need for couch.

In your case, I would start off with a bed in the corner where nikokera suggested, and then see how much room you have left over. You can always opt for a love seat or a couple of arm chairs instead of a standard three-seater, or even a low coffee table with floor cushions if you are the type who prefers sitting on the floor (there was a recent post on that).

As for colors, I would also go slowly. Work with the occasional tables you have, see if they fit the space. No need to get flustered at this stage, because you can always go a different direction once you've settled in and see how the light and colors work. It's super that you already have a piece of art to anchor your space. You can certainly pull inspiration from that.

Congratulations and good luck!

Help With the Design of My First Apartment?
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9/3/10 09:00 AM

Ha ha, I'm totally in the minority here, because I wanted to see what that pink would look like on more walls. Right now, as an accent wall, it looks very hesitant. Also, perceiving pink as "feminine" is relatively recent historically (I think twentieth century). I remember reading somewhere how baby boys used to be dressed in pink, and let's not forget how masculine John Fowler pink can be.

I just love how happy Michael (and all the other Inside Men) look standing in their newly designed spaces!

The Big Reveal! Michael's Design District Home
The Inside Man

9/2/10 01:19 PM

As someone going into a huge painting project soon, I want to hear the "rhyme, reason, story, and tale" for all the colors!

Rebecca Colors the White Box
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9/2/10 01:11 PM

Apart from bulbs and cuttings from my in-law's garden, I've had terrific luck getting very cheap plants from retirement communities. A lot of residents in my area seem to keep a garden and share their bounty for pleasure--I find I often have to insist on paying them for their cuttings!

Starting a Garden Without Spending a Ton of Green
9/1/10 07:22 PM

Kate, out of curiosity, what color would you choose instead? Because to me, in the photos, the paint color looks great with all your art and books. On my monitor, sometimes it reads vermilion and other times more terracotta (although in one picture, photo 19, it looks positively pink--is that another wall?).

Kate & Clifton Show Their Stuff
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8/25/10 10:34 AM

The last roommate I ever had would leave our front doors wide open after going on a weekend bender. We were living in the basement apartment of a brownstone, and mine had the window to the street. The second time it happened, I handed her an extra month of rent and moved promptly out. The real lesson there is if a potential roommate grills you about your cigarette/alcohol/drug use and she says she's "clean," it might be because she's a recovering party animal, and you are catching her on a temporary mend.

10 Topics to Discuss With a Potential Roommate
8/25/10 10:23 AM

But I'm so glad that this post exists...if only for the giggles. Seriously, I can't even bring myself to pooh pooh this post for being so pretentious because the comments are so darn funny!

Style It: Orange Hermès Boxes
8/20/10 12:03 AM

Add me to the chorus of people who love the sofa and the whole place in general. It really felt like an old school AT post. I, too, did not realize it was a guest post till reading the comments.

My one complaint is that I spaced out in the middle of the tour and had to start over. I think the photography/photo editing could have been tighter.

But overall, great tour! I was especially impressed with the bold paint color of the office. It really made the art on the walls sing. How inspirational. I also found the bedroom color very calm and peaceful. So many delightful things to look at, without it feeling cluttered... I could go on and on with my praise.

Lindsay & Jeremy's Mindfully Merged Space
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8/17/10 12:38 AM

"A challenge was the low ceiling in the entrance area. To make it feel higher I decided to use a full gloss finish to add a sense of height."

I think painting it dark gray has exactly the effect of making it seem even lower.

But maybe the full effect has to be experienced in person. Even in the photos, the gray looks vastly different on the first and second floors.

Color Therapy: Michael's Traditional Foyer & Grand Staircase
Reader Painting Project

8/16/10 03:29 PM

Yes, but I only guessed 4 as C by a process of elimination. I live in NYC, and those colors did not scream "city" to me, though as one reader put it, they were very Miami/LA.

Color Quiz: The Answer
Sherwin Williams 2011 Color Forecast

7/29/10 02:22 PM

In your shoes, I'd opt for storm windows. This is from George Nash's _Renovating Old Houses_ (our bible): "While the thermal performance of a refurbished single-glazed window fitted with a tight storm panel can never quite equal that of the best factory-made double-glazed windows, the difference is not so great as to merit the replacement of old windows solely for reasons of improved energy efficiency. The argument for new windows only makes sense when compared to the cost of doing nothing about the old ones or of paying a professional to improve them. Otherwise, you probably won't live long enough to amortize the investment."

Our old house did not come with its original windows. The owners before us inherited the house with bad replacement windows (just as drafty, but without the charm of leaded glass), so they went ahead and did what heather77 recommends, which is having simulated divided lights on the street-facing windows and just single panes on the back. It cost them a bundle, and it's nice having one fewer project to worry about in this house, but our windows are certainly not as charming as our entryway, which does have old glass and real divided lights. Consider yourself fortunate you get to make this decision!

Window Muntins: What Would You Do?
7/28/10 01:09 PM

Just recently got a twin window fan from my father in-law as a house-warming gift. What's particularly great about it is that you can a) have both fans blowing cool air in, b) have both fans blowing warm air out, or c) have one fan blowing in, the other blowing out for more circulation.

How To Get Air Flow Past These Windows | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/26/10 04:02 PM