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We let our 90lb Chesapeake Bay Retriever snuggle on the bed while we're winding down and reading before bed, then he gets kicked off during the actual time we sleep. If he's lucky we'll let him up again in the morning to spend a few minutes before we get up. Works great--snuggle time with minimum hair and maximum leg room for sleeping!

Furry Bedfellows: Do You Sleep with Your Pet?
NY Times

2/19/11 01:39 PM

We bought a table off Craigslist that expands from a console (20 x 40 x 30"), to a four person game/dinette table (40 x 40 x 30"), or full dining table (72 x 40 x 30"). It works perfectly in our small apartment because I can use the full table for crafting, but if we are having a lot of company who will just mill around I can shrink it down and use it as a buffet, giving more room to walk around. In the 9 months we've had it its proven to be very sturdy.

We have the Mission version of this, which I'm sure with a bit of sanding and different hardware could look very different.

Suggestions For Dining Room Table For Six Or More?
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2/18/11 05:04 PM

Nice job, it looks fantastic!

The Look for (Much) Less: DIY Open Shelving
2/16/11 02:28 PM

We moved from San Diego into an apartment in Seattle that we found on Craigslist and didn't actually see until we moved in. It was odd trying to reconcile the pictures we had seen with the actual way it was laid out.

The first night I woke up to a series of screeches and BOOOMs and thought we were under attack. It turned out we were right next to a train yard.

Having just moved again to the suburbs, hearing nothing at night but frogs and crickets was almost unsettling at first!

First Night | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/21/10 07:44 PM

Our first dinner in our last apartment was after a 1300 mile move from San Diego to Seattle. I had gotten a cookbook as a going away gift, and we had one accessible pot and a wooden spoon. We ended up making an asian cashew chicken stir fry that turned out great!

Moving Day Dinners: What Do You Eat After Moving In? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/21/10 07:41 PM

There are a number of miniature citrus trees that do well in pots indoors. While initially it may not be local, with good care you can have fresh lemons, limes, oranges, even kumquats in your house year-round.

Are There Local Alternatives to Lemon and Lemon Zest? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
3/25/10 02:13 PM