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I agree with above. white furniture for the most part...white walls....white furniture. That is a couch that is not supposed to blend. I love it. I love the lines and it would be a good one to reupholster someday. Put color in curtains (solid pattern. if pattern is a something big not busy )and decor items. You could maybe paint one piece of furniture a fun color. But put that piece across the don't want too much together. IT could anchor the other side of the room with color too. Way to keep it. I love it.

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4/7/11 01:46 PM

I agree with all amarie's ideas. Another idea to add to the mix is painting the top cabinets white and the bottom gray. I read thru the comments and there are different schools of thought. My advice is to do what you want within your budget Its not a big deal if you like painted cabinets. Paint them! Lots of people prefer that over wood. You have to walk in there everyday. If you don't want the hassle They are not hideous. Hardware could change it completely. If you don't know what you want...change the hardware first and live with if for a little while. You still don't like it....paint. Flooring: You can get laminate floor for good prices these days and looks like hardwood.

How To Brighten Retro Kitchen In Our First Home?
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3/31/11 02:21 PM

It sounds like you have lots of great ideas. I like the different "move your furniture" ideas posted. But I am going to assume you have tried all the moving around and the way your furniture is set in the pic is the best way. Take the door knob off like suggested and store it for when you move out. Go to a hardware/lumber store and have a piece of wood (or even cardboard) cut to the size of the door (or a little smaller) Trim it out with trim (usually a hardware store will cut it for you) You are making a huge picture frame. Before you trim it out you could glue cork board material over the wood/cardboard and then cover it with fabric. Or you could paint the wood with magnetic paint and then cover it with fabric. Either way you have a fun way to display pictures. If you chose wood you could paint the wood with chalkboard paint. Or you could just cover the wood/cardboard with fabric or wall paper and let it be art. Hang it over the door or just prop it up in front of it. That could cover the door completely and then you still have the ability to remove it! (if you don't have something to miter the trim....don't miter it. I think non mitered frames can look good. fill the lines with wood glue and paint!) Have fun!

How To Hide An Unused Door?
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3/25/11 10:37 AM

Props to you in respecting your husband's wishes. He could change his mind later and until then you saved money in the process and might have money later on to do more. Okay, Here is what I would do. Take down the scalloped plank above the window. Take down the curtains. A roman shade would look nice. Change the hardware to bushed nickel. Take down the stuff on top of the cabinets. For a quick fix while you save for your countertops. Paint your existing countertops. There is actual countertop paint. I have done it twice and it is very durable. Rustoleum makes a countertop coating. I think their cobblestone color would look nice. The only think you cant do on it is cut on it (you can't with laminate anyway) or scrub it with commet. You can spray it down with cleaner though. A can of this paint is $20.00. You might have to get two but maybe not. One thing that I really think will help in breaking up the monotony of those cabinets is taking off some doors and making a few cabinets open shelving. (here is an example: ) If it were me I would take the doors off on the cabinets just to the right and left of the sink. I would also do the middle two doors or maybe the middle four doors of upper cabinets the long cabinet wall. Dress it up with baskets, colorful dishes. You have so many cabinets left to conceal other things. As far as paint, I would go more neutral and than put punches of your color palate in things (roman shade, cannisters, dishes in open shelves, art on the wall) Oatbran from Valspar could be great (and would go with blue accents) I think bold colors with these cabinets will make them look even more dated. If you make them look cohesive then people will pay attention to your accents (open shelving, things on your counter ect, things on the wall.) Paint the trim white. That will pop with the oatbran and make the cabinets look like you chose them to be that way! What about a blue and white bold striped or chevron rug instead of black and white? I would also do a backsplash. Maybe white subway tile (cheap at Lowes and HD) or maybe even white tin celing tiles (Change the outlets to match the backsplash.) Lighting: What about a stainless "barn" pendant light like this one:
Its country yet modern. You can get cheaper ones at ikea. Get rid of that fan and pick a simple ceiling light. You could even have stainless/metal bar stools if you have an island. (or spray paint them) It would go with the modern country theme. Hope this helps!

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
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3/23/11 10:59 AM

Couldn't agree more Evelyn. If you are going to spend money on something spend money on cabinets to fit above them. Those are pretty stock/basic. You could get them from lowes or HD and then stain or paint them all to match. It will make your kitchen look taller. I also agree to match it with crown molding/trim.

A simple fix could be painting that entire wall (above cabinets all the way over to the part of the wall the window is on) with Chalkboard paint. Break up the dark with some colorful curtains. Write a quote or saying above the cabinets. It Draws your eyes up and it looks clean without clutter.

Creative Ways To Fill Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?
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2/25/11 06:23 PM

I agree with above. If you want to keep the wood finish go a little darker. (Antique Walnut) My suggestion would be to paint them white or maybe white up top and black/grey below. Yes, I would get rid of the wood above the window. If you don't want to do anything to the cabinets. Try painting the walls a neutral color. The red is pulling out reddish tones in those cabinets. A simple white subway or penny tile would be great for a backsplash. Or you could do white tin like ceiling tiles (easy to install) I also agree that your furniture is competing with everything. The table is huge. What if you created a little eating nook against the wall where the hutch is. Build a bench against the wall. (could even have storage) and put a smaller square or round table with chairs on the other side. Could be really cute and give you more space.

Suggestions On How To Update My Kitchen?
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2/9/11 01:42 AM

Great Room! I would place a dining room table (rectangular) by the windows. It makes sense to be by the kitchen. I would put a normal sized couch facing the wall that has the door to the closet and bathroom. (back of couch to Dining table. Flank two chairs across from the couch (the chairs facing the window wall) with coffee table in between. This way both living and dining areas are defined and the fireplace is the focal point. You could do bookshelves or a built in on the left side of the fireplace (if you are facing the fireplace) And maybe hide that heater (on the dining room side) by turning it into some type buffet table. (still use the heater but make it functional and yet serve as a buffet.) Tall curtains will give you interest on the dining room side. In this scenario your couch is facing the non window wall, is the part of the wall (to the left side of the bathroom/closet french door) big enough to hang your screen? That makes sense to me, its not a focal point there but you can sit on your couch..enjoy the fireplace and be facing the screen. You could put a piece of furniture underneath to store movies, and electronics. Also about the other door. Don't block it off. since it looks like it only goes into the hallway, I would actually remove the door for a more open feel/flow of traffic. Your ceilings are so high you could do a big light fixture. It even looks like it would be perfectly centered over your coffee table in this scenario. I wouldn't do a corner couch. the fireplace would feel so random to me in that scenario. Have fun!

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12/14/10 04:04 PM

You could use cable OR you could use Ikeas Kvartal curtain track. You are in New York, is there a Walmart anywhere near you. You can buy all colors of King Size Sheets for $14.00. I have a Kvartal curtain rod and a king size sheet covering my water heater in my laundry room. Kvartal comes in 6 feet rods that you can attach together. It also has curved pieces that could form a curve around your bed.

Help with DIY Curtains?
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12/13/10 06:12 PM

The skys the limit. I liked kjchoardas ide of the cool door. You could put some swing lamps (traditional or industrial) on either side of the headboard. You could find som wall paper you like. Cut it to the width size of the bed, but have it go all the way up. You could cut some plywood and get some foam and cover it with fabric. You could get a thrift store headboard and paint it. Then hang curtains (floor to ceiling) behind the headboard to create drama. Have fun!

Decor Ideas for Headboard Area?
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11/12/10 10:02 AM

What about wood blinds or bamboo shades with a colorful (maybe striped) curtain. that would give it a little drama. Hang the curtains high so that your apartment looks bigger

Window Treatments for My Hell's Kitchen Apartment?
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11/10/10 06:02 PM

I agree with painting the countertops. It is so easy. I helped a friend do this and they have lasted Go to lowes or Home Depot. They have laminate countertop paint. (it comes in tons of colors.) 20 bucks and you have new countertops. That will help.
I like the tiles. I think they are not cohesive with your kitchen. A little too modern. What about white beadboard? Your kitchen is more cottagy to me. You could either get the sheets of it and cut it or get the lock and click kind. You just glue it on!

Is This Backsplash Makeover Worth the Effort?
10/23/10 10:43 AM

Love how you are pulling everything together. I think they could work and look great but I actually was thinking the same thing as Kbcairns. A hanging lantern or group of three hung at differnt heights could look really cool. Seems more old world/vintage (like your living room feels to me) than the modern paper lamps. They could be kind of pricy, but if you were not using this as a main source of could diy your own and put battery operated candles in them. Or you could figure out how to diy it with a pendant light kit.

Do These Paper Lanterns Work in Eclectic Room?
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10/14/10 02:56 PM

I agree with Miami's Elaine that you need to focus the seating arrangement on fireplace and balcony. About the fireplace...Don't get rid of it! Fireplaces are assets. Plus yours is so modern.

Quick fix: Large peice of art or mirror against corner. (great idea Lisa)

Long Term fix: I agree - stacked wood is an easy natural design element. You could get the look you like (from the pic you posted) by drywalling up. (keeping the mantle but just framing and drywalling the corner so its flat across the corner..(like the firelplace is) all the way to the ceiling. Then have your drywaller frame/drywall large box opening (like the one in the pic) It can be wide or narrow, but the wider it is the more shallow the box. (it looks like the one in the pic is shallow so it looks good) Stack up your wood in the box. When you go to sell. (keep it if you want...I would buy it like that) OR drywall over the box insert.
I guess you could get rid of the mantle and have the fireplace be seamless (which could look good, but I like the mantle for a little detail.) Its not about me though! Post pics on whatever you decide!

Ideas for Decorating with a Corner Fireplace?
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10/12/10 10:20 AM

Okay, I had to study your picture. Seems like the big door was the entrance to the duplex and then there were angled doors that entered into the different duplexes? So there were two fireplaces back to in each living room? I could be seeing it wrong. I love love wood burning fireplaces but I wouldn't replace it. It seems to block the openess of the home. I also don't know how to fix a fireplace hole, but if you could get to this point...I would build a little bit of an open wall on the left side of the entry door (as you are coming in) Here is a pic. See how it is one big room, but it has a little bit of seperation by the door? I know its a different lay out, but this could be one space but the small walls give it some definition.

Or you could build a wall that has a huge opening instead of two seperated walls as in the first pic Plus doing this adds a little bit of an entry way by your front door. (again different lay out, and you would do it differently but just wanted to give you example of the wall.)
You could also do it on both sides to make a little entry way. (again just an example, I would make your openings bigger and you wouldn't need pillars),r:5,s:0&tx=101&ty=68
I would make the side closest to the kitchen the dining room (if you already have dining room maybe make your kitchen a little bigger?) and then make the other side a living room. I don't know how much reno you want to do but you could put the fireplace on the far wall in living room (in place of the window) or do a gas fireplace. I am sure this will be awesome when you are done.

Space Dividing Suggestions for (Newly!) Expanisve Entry?
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10/5/10 02:21 PM

I don't know what your budget is but I would keep that great tub, keep the cedar and paint it all white to brighten it up. Then I would spend my money on a modern vanity, sink and mirror. I would also budget in a really cool floor tile. If you have the money to do it...get rid of it, but if your on a budget...spend it on nice amenities....not drywall. The lines of the cedar can look really modern, especially if your paint it with a high gloss. It will look brighter. Also, I don't think the ceramic tiles will look weird transitioning. You could continue the flow of the floor tiles up on that part of the wall....(like a glass mosaic) Or, on a budget, pick a ceramic subway tile to go with the white on the wall.

Cedar Walls in the Bath — Should They Stay or Go?
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9/16/10 06:37 PM

I think your kitchen has so much potential. I am all about something unifying open spaces. It makes it flow better. It also makes it look bigger because your eye looks farther. If you had the same floor in the living room and kitchen you could do two different colors in the rooms. But you have two different floors so I would paint the living room, hallway and kitchen the same. Since you have neutral furniture, pick a great color and punch up your decor ( pillows/curtains, ect) with another color. A light green (not too lime, but not too sage) or if you like blues you could do a blue with gray in it. (You would really need to punch up the color in your decor items though) Backsplash: I am with you, I would not want to work with the fruit decals, I would want them gone. Homax has an epoxy paint (you can use it in your shower) that you could paint the backsplash. I have used it before and it looks awesome when finished. It feels like a ceramic surface and its really wipeable. You can brush it on or spray it and spraying is easier. Pick some up at Lowes or HDepot. It would make your backsplash all white. (the paint costs about 44 dollars and it will cover it all with two coats). I see by the boppy that you might have a baby. I would do this painting project when baby is visiting grandparents for the weekend. (very strong) Another idea for what looks like your pantry door in the back of the kitchen, paint it with chalkboard paint (for to do lists, grocery needs, encouraging notes). It will help break up the white counters, floors, and appliances. A great runner rug would fit in your kitchen. That would break up the floor white. Same with a similiar colored or patterned rug under your table. Finally, I know that you don't want to do any major renos but taking a few of those upper cabinets down (like the ones next to your pantry door or the one from your range hood to the end of the wall) and putting up a few shelves for open shelving (colorful usable dishes, plates, cook books) can break up the monotony of the tan cabinets. Hope this helps!

Paint Color Choices for Open Plan Space?
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9/15/10 07:16 PM

Tile is not bad at all. I agree with a few comments up. Paint the walls white. Paint the cabinets white. White shower curtain. I even like a little black detail in the shower curtain (i like the urban outfitters one from above or even one with a little bit of a black stripe or border.) Or all white is great too.

I also say get rid of the hideous fake marble. If you are in a rental I don't know if you can replace it, but lowes has a cheap 70.00 plain white sink top. Could be a cheap fix that your landlord might like?

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3/24/10 07:46 PM