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We just went in November with our then 14-month old daughter. The article the above commenter posted is from "Bringing Up Bebe." Excellent read. I didn't agree with everything, but their children are very "sage" - means, be calm. It's something they teach their children very early on. Along with "wait." We're working on implementing that with our daughter and it seems to be helping a bit. A few tips from our trip -
ABOVE ALL ELSE - Say "Bonjour" and ("Merci" after) to everyone you wish to converse with before you say anything else. It is a huge affront to not do this with the French. Even if you can't converse in French, it lets them know that you acknowledge their presence and their person.
1. Take activities on the plane. We went with one airline for their in-seat entertainment. We got an older plane that didn't have it. Fortunately, we had the iPad. Post it notes, crayons, scotch tape, figurines, etc.
2. We used our Mia Moda Facile stroller - LOVED IT. It reclines and she took great naps (and I was VERY concerned about her napping outside our home). And it folds up pretty narrow and is very lightweight.
3. We stayed with my sister and she picked up a high chair from IKEA and a pack n play from Babies R Us (although your kids may be a bit older and not need them). Then she donated them to a local church.
4. Buses are very very easy with babies/strollers. One person in your party can pay and you can get in through the back door and pull the stroller right into the "parking" area on the bus.
5. Restaurants were pretty accommodating for us and held our stroller up at the front.
6. There are parks everywhere. There is a small playground at the southeast corner of the Eiffel Tower, just across the street to the east. It's in the corner of the grassy stretch of land opposite the river.
7. Take comfy shoes (but stylish) - and take a couple of pairs. It will help when one pair rubs weird after a couple days.
8. Cottonelle makes travel wipes. Hand sanitizer. Take some! I was so glad I had them when we had an emergency and the only available bathroom was a free one in the park that I'm pretty sure had a million diseases and no toilet paper.
HAVE FUN!!!! France is so so amazing.

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I WANT ONE! All the other bassinets I've seen are so fru-fru and tacky. This is gorgeous. Sleek, minimal, but great colors. I've settled on letting the baby sleep in the crib from day one, but this would actually change my mind. Please keep us posted on when they're available!

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