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If he was never made to do his own laundry and his momma still comes over to clean, don't marry him.
Know how to check the oil in your car.
Take a walk every day.
Make your kids read books. Reading comprehension and a long attention span will do them more good than trying to make "digital natives" out of them.
A smile plus the words for "Please," "Thank You," "Coffee," and "Stop bothering me" in the local language will get you through most foreign cities.
Some animal rescues need people to socialize kittens and walk dogs. Go play with kittens and puppies, but adopt an older animal. They need you more and you know what you're getting in terms of personality.

30 Things Readers Wish They Would Have Known
8/8/11 02:09 PM

@Taureg: Almost anything can dry overnight if you roll it in a towel before hanging it up. I carry three sets of clothing no matter how long I'll be on the road. As long as I have a few tubes of Rei in der Tube (German vacation detergent in a tube no bigger than a toothpaste tube), I have clean clothes every day. The third set is for days when you're in transit and can't wash things. Lole, Smartwool, Icebreakers, and REI have some things that don't look out of place on a business trip. I have plain black cotton tshirts that can be dressed up, and have plenty of scarves for color. In winter, having two cashmere sweaters (bought on sale at the end of the season), silk undershirts, wool tights (from SockDreams), a blazer, and one wool coat kept me warm, even in Scandinavia. I bring along zipped plastic bags. Put clothes in (especially dirty socks and underwear), zip up until the last centimeter or so, and sit on the bag (on a cushion works well to get more air out). Viola! Cheap space-saving bags.

Travel Lightly: Our 5 Best Packing Tips
7/27/11 07:28 PM

Stalkers love these apps. Something like this needs a clear opt-in process for the person being tracked, and the occasional reminder just in case someone is sneaky and installs it when one isn't looking.

Family Tracker iPhone and iPad App Secretly Tracks Others
8/5/10 07:32 PM

Friends and family are guilty of this. Some also interrupt you when you do manage to get their attention away from a shiny object long enough to start talking, so I tend to sit in silence and see how long it takes them to notice. I've had to explain several times to people who think *I'm* the sullen asocial one that checking your smartphone every few minutes means that a) You are obviously too busy to be here or b) I am boring you. If you are looking for an audience instead of a conversation, kindly look elsewhere.
Oddly enough, the most tech literate people I know are not the ones with this problem.

Do You Follow the Tech Etiquette "Crossword" Rule? | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/28/10 12:21 PM

I have two cats and a Dyson. The Dyson needs its filters cleaned, the floor brush cleaned, the canister cleared with a stiff bristled brush, and the hose re-attached way too often, and the suction is still crap. I figured that a small portable machine to use while the Dyson is in the shop would be a good idea, and bought the same tiny Eureka Optima that my parents have. It isn't a replacement for a big machine, but is surprisingly powerful for its size.

Your BFF Might Be Human But Ours Is A Vacuum! | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/19/10 02:01 PM

@see: The Fairfax County Humane Society has two thrift stores: has a DC chapter.

10 Tips for a Closet Cleanse Most Popular Posts | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/3/10 01:14 PM

I have been looking for the bottom middle tile since I saw it at a kebab place in DC. Huzzah!

Design in a Bag For Your Kitchen and Bath | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/23/10 12:09 PM

No! A thousand times No! Do this to a shag rug, a cheap machine-made "Persian" rug, but not a vintage, hand-knotted one! Someone made thousands of fiddly little Senneh knots, making sure to pull them and the warp and weft threads tight so they would last for decades, and the thought of taking scissors to all that work angers me.

Hot or Not: Barenjager ("Bear Hunter") Persian Rug | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/23/10 11:36 AM