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As an entrenched worrier, I find this really interesting - I usually worry beforehand, and then dismiss the worrying when the thing (almost inevitably) never happens. But this approach gives a positive approach to it, and might even help to worry less, or feel better for (well, despite) the niggles. Always good to find something a little thought provoking - big thanks!

Weekend Meditation: Expressing Gratitude for Things That Did Not Happen
3/21/11 08:24 AM

It's so unusual for me to find a familiar name on here (I live in Sydney), but this lovely shop jumped straight out at me. In Paris last year, we stayed just around the corner from it - it brought back all sorts of happy memories of traipsing through the Marais!

Hier Pour Demain: Vintage Furnishings from Yesterday for Tomorrow
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2/10/11 06:42 AM

I love the look (if not always the practicality) of stacked luggage, but the steamers / baskets on the wall just doesn't quite work for me. It gives a bit of a feeling of one of those videos where the walls turn into the floor and the perspectives all keep skewing... perhaps a little like drunk-perspective, with all the sobriety of keeping things tidy!

Clever Storage Ideas
Country Living Magazine

1/25/11 07:17 AM

How about gluten free sausages and baked potatoes? Both can easily be cooked in the fire wrapped in foil, and my memories of Girl Guide camping trips revolve heavily round dubious sausages - which were delicious just because we'd cooked them ourselves!

Best Gluten-Free Foods for a Camping Trip?
Good Questions

1/18/11 04:54 PM

The most delicious cooking with champagne that I've had recently was a poached peach with champagne zabaglione - I'd love to try making it at home, but haven't had any spare champagne yet (funny, that!). For locals in Sydney, it's at Coast Restaurant. Fluffy, and very slightly bruleed. Absolutely perfect!

What Can I Do With Leftover Champagne?
Good Questions

1/3/11 10:00 PM

What a great idea to think of cooking resolutions (and so useful to see others', too). Mine (and the longer I think, the more there'll be, so best be quick!) are:
- To develop (and blog) more recipes (prepare for the brownie onslaught...)
- To enjoy cooking dinner, not just baking (and branch out a bit there as well)
- To brave dough, and try some trickier (and leavened) recipes, and not be afraid of the dreaded baking fail - it's sometimes the only way to improve
- And, definitely, to curb my cookbook buying spree at least until the latest ones are thoroughly christened!

Happy New Year! What Are Your Cooking Resolutions?
1/3/11 08:40 PM

I get to the stage of having lists of my lists, just about! Alternate between mad never-going-to-get-it-all-done panic, but would never do it any other way. Hence catching up on blogs while a cake bakes at some unholy hour of the night (that "creature stirring" post struck a real chord!). The holiday list pad is just wonderful - just the right amount of daftness and subterfuge! Have bought some of their post-its as stocking stuffers. Their text / subtext notebook has to be my favourite, though...

Do You Keep a Holiday To Do List?
12/14/10 08:18 AM

I love it - and yet, I know I'd always have things the wrong height to fit nicely into it - it'd be like trying to solve one of those spacial awareness puzzles. Gorgeous, but far too zen for me, I think!

Win This Tao Bookshelf from Gingko Home Furnishings!
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12/14/10 08:07 AM

I do love Missoni... and I wonder if it's just the time of year, but these pouffes put me in mind, just a bit, of pumpkins!

Missoni Home
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12/1/10 09:01 AM

Oh wow - I look at those and think how perfect they'd be for lots of trays of baked goods... although I might never have the space (in my apartment, and potentially also my stomach for all that baking!).
Now, where on earth can I find those in Australia?!

Functional Kitchen Storage: Orchard Racks
11/10/10 04:03 PM

Am definitely, unashamedly on the cereal-for-dinner bandwagon (slightly less unashamed when it's Coco Pops!), but my current preferred option is leftover cake batter while baking... just scraping out that bowl a bit less than I should!

Cook’s Confession: What Have You Passed Off as Dinner?
9/20/10 07:07 PM

Much as I may have (ahem) once ordered pizza just</I> so that it could be eaten cold the next day (the things we do when we first move out!), I still think I'm more a breakfast-for-dinner person than the other way round...

8 Dinners To Eat For Breakfast
9/10/10 08:00 PM

That is just gorgeous! I love milk glass (normally I lean towards the green variety, though), but this is lovely - and so crisp and fresh in a bedroom, too.

Milk Glass Collection Displayed on a Blue Wall
Flickr Finds

9/10/10 05:06 AM

Oh wow - it looks stunning, but I can't help thinking they might be the architectural version of Wipeout!

The Scariest Stairs? Just Add Water

9/9/10 09:04 PM

I think I'd cheerfully put cheese on just about anything that held still long enough! But that's not to say it'd still be a BLT. It night end up as some other (less appealing sounding, but equally tasty) acronym... a CBLT?

Strange Food Combos: Would You Put Cheese on a BLT?
9/8/10 10:12 PM

The only thing more dangerous to have lurking around my kitchen than a batch of cupcakes is very probably a batch of cupcake batter - this could do all sorts of nasty things to my self-restraint, as batter is my absolute downfall. Still, I would love to give it a try to save the mad baking panic before people come over...

3 Ways To Freeze Cupcake Batter For Later
9/2/10 04:08 AM

Such a great idea - it's another one of those "penny droppping from why didn't I think of this before" moments. Definitely one I'll be putting to use!

Pretty Preserves: Cover Jar Tops with Muffin Liners
9/1/10 11:15 PM

The nook looks just gorgeous - but I don't know that I'd be that comfortable to shower in front of even the closest of others! A bit of mystique goes a very long way. It might be fun for a weekend away (maybe) - which is a much shorter time to be going without all the "less attractive but necessary" tasks...?

Bathroom Nook: Are We Needing Less Privacy?
9/1/10 08:31 PM

What I will be eating is pre-bought sweetcorn soup - tasty, filling, low-calorie and, while not home-made, much cheaper than buying take-away every day. What I wish I was eating is that tuna salad wrap - looks so yummy, and so much more delicious than tuna has any right to! Will have to give it a go...

What Are You Eating For Lunch Today?
8/29/10 10:38 PM

This is a very cute idea for adding some interest without getting all cluttery... but I think I'd need to use a colour that wasn't red. I suspect it might just be an Australian thing, but the red reminds me a little too much of those bananas they sell partly covered in red wax!

Take a Dip To Give Your Furniture Some Slip
The Crafts Department

8/3/10 10:54 AM