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Thanks everyone for your comments. I am actually the inventor of this product. Your feedback and honesty is very valuable to me. To let you know, these pads are 6" X 12" in size. You can align them to the width that is desirable to you. If you have a small bathroom, the space these will take will not be more than a regular stepstool that you would purchase from Target. The idea is that you have more versatality and that you can build them upward as well as sideways to make it easier for your child to use the toilet or the sink. You can wash these in the tub as one of you already suggested. Cleansiness is very important but so is the peace of mind around the bathroom with our little ones. My 4 year old son still uses these and is comfortable with just one layer of these pads (3 inches) rather than being up 8". We are in the process of developing Potty3 and hopefully it will have more advantages than disadvantages for everyone to want to give it a chance. Once again thank you for your comments.


Potty3 (Concept) by KinderPal | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/20/10 08:35 PM