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my moms 69' chevy convertible. We had to replace the engine and my dad never did(even though we had the engine in storage) he hauled it out with the scrap. I was mad about it then. (I was 15) I'm still mad about it now!

All our funiture tho was pretty bad, We still have the old yellow diner table and I'm taking it when I move.

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/2/11 11:08 AM

My fiance and I are doing this except its a record player stand, rather than a record holder similar funiture design though. Were using it as our TV stand and instead of panting, were going to go ahead and re stain the wood a mahogany color. I do like the modern look of the white on this piece though. :)

How To Deck Out an Old Record Cabinet Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/19/10 03:08 PM