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The light in the newel post is not original, I rebuilt the the railing along that staircase because it was the only one in the house that was not original. I built it to match the rest and decided to build a post with a light at that time.
Also the stained glass is not original, my aunt can be a bit of a collector, she had the glass around for a few years and asked if we wanted it.
The grid in the coffee table is a magazine rack.
The cabinet in the living room with all the shallow drawers is an old dental cabinet that I got for 100 bucks from another woodworker who never got around to refinishing it. It needed a little work, but not too much. I have a different one in my shop. I don't know how I've come across two of those in my life, but they are great.

Tim Sara's South Philly Setup House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
3/19/10 10:16 AM

I'll try to answer some of the questions in the comments, so here we go.
Our house is 15' wide so the foyer takes up about 40" in width and is about 48" deep, it doesn't make the room too small but our living room is very large and that helps a lot.
The color on the cabinets is a custom mix of milk paint with lacquer on it. Milk paint can be a tedious finish but any skilled woodworker should have no problem.
The UO couch and chair we got a really good deal on. I figured it couldn't be any worse than an Ikea couch; I was wrong. The chair however is pretty good. I did have to cut a couple inches off the legs of both of them, I'm six feet tall and they were too high for me.
I forget where the shower curtain is from but maybe Sara can chime in on that later.
Thanks for all the positive feedback.

Tim Sara's South Philly Setup House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
3/18/10 07:53 PM