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i'd check to see that they're not treated cedar or that they'd leach chemicals. a lot of chips are "rot resistant" so they might not break down as quickly...?

Composting Tip: Keeping the Carbon/Nitrogen Balance
3/18/11 04:55 PM

last summer i picked up a HUGE bag of peat moss for about $5. sprinkled it between fresh layers of scraps and a little bit whenever i turned the pile. i had the most beautiful compost in just a few months. it also helped hold a lot of moisture without anything getting too... icky.

Composting Tip: Keeping the Carbon/Nitrogen Balance
3/18/11 10:58 AM

Maybe add: If you DO have splatter or drips underneath your paper or tape, you can take a razor to the mirror and scrape it off?

Refinishing a Mirror in 4 Easy Steps
1/31/11 03:45 PM

i really like this transformation!

i think it might be even more graphically interesting to hang a bright red frame on the canvas area (from wires at the ceiling?) to bring a pop of color to break up the pattern. i feel just a little dizzy looking at it.

Before & After: Pretty in Pink to Bold Black & White – Part 2
11/9/10 10:48 AM

my dream apartment! lovely!

Chelsea & Sean's Eclectic Painted Home
House Tour

11/4/10 03:26 PM

aww, why didn't MN make the bill?

Forbes' List of Best Small Cities to Raise a Family
10/28/10 06:01 PM

love the space! so great to see a place that looks LIVED IN!

Ben's Warm & Cozy Austin Apartment
House Tour

9/24/10 12:46 PM

i am so excited to go on a Bathtub Mary (or Mary on the Half Shell) hunt! i live in stearns county, mn (mentioned in the bathtub mary wikipedia article here:

Lawn Shrines: Bathtub Madonna
9/3/10 03:13 PM

i'm really looking forward to this project. i'm not necessarily in the market for a new bed (dollar-wise), but my back sure is.

A Year in Bed: A Modest Proposal
8/31/10 02:47 PM

oh, i think this is intimate and lovely for a romantic hotel room! it all looks so clean too, which is a big plus.

In Favor of the Bedroom Bathtub
8/25/10 06:49 PM

does anyone else have a refrigerator that sweats in the summer? would this even work during hot and humid months?

DIY Refrigerator Design: Contact Paper Pattern
Shoestring Pavilion

8/23/10 01:04 PM

i got a bag of peat moss for $6 at a garden center. i add a few scoops every time i turn my compost. it's rich in carbon, which will offset all of the green matter you're putting in! works like a charm!

Good Questions: More on Maggots and Compost
8/4/10 11:19 AM

i love snacking on homemade hummus and pita chips/veggies at work and typically feel satisfied afterward!

Yummy, Homemade, Filling Snacks for My Lunchbox? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/23/10 01:47 PM

so so so cute! love the colors, textures, patterns!

Alicia's "Flea Market Faboosh" House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/1/10 04:38 PM

we need a recipe for this?

Pantry Basics: The Very Best Cinnamon-Sugar Ratio | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/24/10 02:30 PM

i have 3 different kinds of cabin-esque wood paneling and four different ceiling treatments (most are drop ceiling tiles, but ALL different styles) in an 800 sq ft space. most days i just dismiss it, but when i think too hard it kind of drives me crazy!

Design Challenges for Renters | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/18/10 11:01 AM

the first pic reminds me of an early 90s kids play-place complex. DZ Discovery Zone, anyone?

New Styles of Carpet Tiles NeoCon 2010 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/17/10 12:11 PM

the white paint really makes the lines of your cabinets stand out - the curves are SO CUTE!

Before and After: Kerri's Country Kitchen | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/2/10 10:46 AM

can you use applesauce? i know that it's often a sub for butter in many recipes, but it definitely has sweetening properties. i added a bit to my last rhubarb/strawberry crumble to make up for both a bit of sugar and butter and it was delish.

Can I Use Sugar Alternatives When Sweetening Rhubarb? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/1/10 05:00 PM

i second the suggestion for mini-gas grills!

Mini Grills for Urban Barbeques Picnics Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
5/25/10 04:51 PM