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WHOOPS! Here's a better link to that painting

Does this Warm Wall Color Work? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/18/10 09:19 AM

My apartment is EXACTLY the same color, except my bedroom, which is the same but slightly lighter, and I can't repaint. I've actually grown to really like it. It's a GREAT backdrop for a lot of different colors. Here's what I did in each room...

my color palette is based on this painting Everything is a fairly light palette, except this painting and the royal blue, wooden storage chest with casters that my TV is on.

My couch is a warm gray, and most furniture is white or off-white. I highly recommend light furniture/window treatments to open up your room. This color is a great backdrop for pops of color, just make sure everything else is light, if your "pops" are strong colors.

I used a primary color scheme based on an Anthropologie catalog spread. I have a high gloss orange mirror, and lots of plants in these ridiculous brightly colored retro planters. I also have a stainless steel bakers rack with my mismatched collection of asian-inspired antique plates and pyrex refrigerator dishes on it. Lots of light blue, red, orange, green, and yellow.

My landlords put a brown parquet pattern (why God?!) carpet in my room, so I decided to do the room in earthy colors, based on this Japanese water color I have. Everything is white/off white except a brown silky curtain, and my platform bed, made from dark recycled wood. I also have an antique blood red table with peely paint, with a vintage bureau mirror on top.

Somehow it all works with this color. I would NEVER think to paint anything this color myself, but it actually works really well.

Other thing: You can do a lot to change this color by changing the color of your lights. In my kitchen with bright white track lighting the color looks totally different, than in my living room with yellow-ish or afternoon light.

Sorry, this is the longest comment ever!

Does this Warm Wall Color Work? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/18/10 09:14 AM