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What temperature was your butter? (BTW, that sounds like too much butter/shortening in proportion to flour). Butter should be at room temperature (meaning it will hold an indentation but isn't soft or melted). Also, you might check the date on your baking soda to make sure it's not expired.

Chilling the dough is essential too. I chill dough anywhere from 4 hours to overnight, depending on the recipe. Chilled dough bakes up thick and puffy, as opposed to what you are describing. Once my dough is chilled, I use a scoop to form balls, flatten them slightly, and top with additional chocolate chips before baking.

Help! Why Do My Chocolate Chip Cookies Look Terrible? Good Questions
1/22/14 11:43 AM

Seriously gorgeous crumble, I love the brown butter topping!

Recipe: Tart Cherry Crumble Recipes from The Kitchn
10/10/13 03:28 PM

Domenica Cooks (http://www.domenicacooks.com) is a great place to start! Domenica is the author of several books, including "The Glorious Pasta of Italy."

What Are Your Favorite Italian Cookbooks or Food Blogs? Good Questions
6/24/13 04:55 PM

Love this post, thanks for your honesty! I especially appreciate #2... there is often so much pressure to seek out a fantastic dining experience, especially when traveling. Sometimes it works out and other times it doesn't, but the pursuit of the "perfect" meal is really not worth all the stress and anxiety. Perhaps the perfect meal isn't so much about what is on my plate, but more about the atmosphere, who I shared the meal with, and that I took the time to truly stop and savor the moment.

5 Things Paris Taught Me About Travel
6/19/13 01:35 PM

Chocolate mousse

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5/9/13 02:53 PM

I let the batter sit out and I've never had a problem with the rise of the 2nd batch.

Advice for Making Multiple Batches of Cupcakes with One Pan? Good Questions
4/17/13 06:14 PM

We went out to dinner once and my dad ordered a bottle of Merlot. The waitress replied, "Oh, you mean Mer-LOT?" Her pronunciation was especially humorous since my dad is a winemaker...

What Have You Been Most Surprised (or Embarrassed) to Learn in the Kitchen? Reader Discussion
2/25/13 05:42 PM

I adore Meyer lemons! I just made scones with the first harvest from my tree:


The Sweetheart Citrus: Meyer Lemons Ingredient Spotlight
1/2/13 11:09 AM

When I need to soften butter, I put the stick on a cutting board and hit it a few times with a rolling pin, rotating the stick if necessary. The butter softens and there's no risk of accidentally overcooking it in the microwave!

4 Tips for Softening Butter, Fast!
12/5/12 04:01 PM

Dill havarti is one of my favorites!

My Newest Favorite Cheese for Sandwiches The Cheesemonger
9/19/12 02:52 PM

I started using a Bialetti Moka Express a week ago - life changing, highly recommended! The best espresso I've had outside of Italy.

How Do You Make Your Morning Coffee? Good Questions
9/17/12 12:16 PM

I love Calivinegar Barrel Aged Balsamic. It's thick and fruity - I've used it in a berry balsamic cobbler, over ice cream, and had more than a few spoonfuls straight from the bottle.


Help Me Find a Great Balsamic Vinegar! Good Questions
8/16/12 10:46 AM

Second to Italian is Greek food for me.

What's Your Favorite European Cuisine? (Besides French & Italian!)
8/13/12 04:37 PM

Definitely cashews!

What is a Good Substitute for Peanuts in Asian Dishes? Good Questions
8/7/12 11:51 PM

I can't even tell you the last time I had rice. For me, I must have a fresh loaf of bread at all times - that's my carb of choice.

Do You Need Rice to Make It a Meal?
8/7/12 11:24 AM

Thanks so much for sharing, I would love to try this!

How To Stream Photos From Your Camera to Your iPad
8/3/12 07:13 PM

Love this idea!

Useful Mementos: How To Turn Handwritten Recipes Into Tea Towels
7/31/12 10:46 AM

One other suggestion for readers living in warm climates - shop for your berries at the farmstand early in the day when the temperatures are lower. That way your basket of strawberries, blackberries, etc hasn't been out in the sun all day. I always refrigerate the berries as soon as I bring them home - in fact, I often gently sort through them on a sheet pan, and then place the sorted berries in an airtight container lined with paper towels. It seems to help extend the lifespan!

Washing and Storing Summer Berries: 5 Tips We Learned the Hard Way
7/26/12 02:42 PM

Many thanks for including my lemon blueberry bites!

Grilled Salmon with Butter & Lemon Glazed Blueberry BitesDelicious Links
7/11/12 01:44 PM

Blueberry lemon loaf cakes, blueberry peach sorbet, blueberry crumb bars...the list goes on. My fave new way is lemon glazed blueberry cookies!

Summer's Roly-Poly Superfood: Blueberries Ingredient Spotlight
7/5/12 11:28 AM