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Cute idea, but yes, even as an adult I'd have the thought, "Mmmkay a crayon. Cool but I kinda wanted chocolate."

Forget Candy & Make Homemade Crayons
10/12/10 07:53 PM

My husband is 6'4" and he has never had any issues with our standard crib. The only baby equipment his height has ever made an impact on was the stroller we choose.

Crib for Tall Parents
Good Questions

9/28/10 09:22 PM

I will admit that for my son's first birthday party I spent a lot of time making sure every thing looked "picture perfect" because simply, I wanted to, we could afford it and I enjoyed doing it. It included a color themed dessert buffet (yellow, black and green with bees as the overall theme) which were all homemade by my mother and I. The gifts were never impacted at all, he still recieved exactly the presents he would have gotten, party or not.

How Far Do You Go For A Fabulous Birthday Party Or Shower?
9/27/10 09:52 PM

For the last tip about putting tape on the wall and then hammering in the nail, it must have been common advice because all over our old plaster walls wherever there are holes there is tape on them.

Most of these ideas are for smooth walls, any ideas for textured walls?

How to Hang Framed Artwork Without Using Nails
Reader Intelligence Report

9/23/10 01:45 AM

I'm also from Michigan and yup, they are every where! Eggs, any and every kind of veggie or fruit, fire wood and flowers can be found.

I agree with alysaaria, if we use them I usually put in an extra dollor or two incase someone else "forgot".

In Praise Of the Roadside Honor Stand
9/23/10 01:28 AM

The article mentions a program, SNAP, which doubles the value of WIC at certain farmers markets. While that is fantastic and I'm glad to hear that something like that exists, it sure doesn't exist nation wide. My local farmer's markets take cash, only cash.

But like some of the others, I'm feeling cynical and sarcastic about this. How nice that you can show it can be done. Of course it can be done, because people *have* to do it or they don't eat or live indoors.

Eating on $31 a Week: The Hunger Action Month Challenge
The Chicago Tribune

9/23/10 01:21 AM

This is the perfect post! We have paint left over from the prior owners and considering how everything was last updated in 1959 (no joke) we are weary of it plus some other materials in the house.

Dispose of Toxic Substances Locally with Earth 911
9/21/10 12:29 AM

We did this when my husband and I were first married. It was an old beat up metal folding chair we had found in his parents garage. It was functionally ugly and we knew it but it was what we could afford (free).

Green Style: Chairs as Nightstands and Bedside Tables
9/21/10 12:21 AM

Those are adorable and I would spend weeks making them for a birthday party but a.) no one in my family besides my mom would even notice them and it would be because she helped make them and b.) I'd have to hurt anyone who ate a decorated cake pop that detailed.

Cake Pops by Bakerella
9/21/10 12:10 AM

My son's favorite show right now is Olivia. He dances and squeals everytime the show comes on. He also has two of the board books and is always digging those two out of the book basket.

As an adult, I enjoy her outlook on life. I wish I could be that precocious and get away with it!

Cartoon Inspiration
9/17/10 01:38 PM

We have these at all the local grocery stores in huge bins by the dried beans. I honestly never knew what they were besides something I see the kids playing in with their hands. Now I know!

Pasta Para Duros: The 30 Second Snack
9/14/10 11:04 PM

I just thought I'd chime in as a current TM and say that the tech number actually released in June or July and is through a second company. It's good for any electronics purchase.

The installation is also through a second company, Zip Express, not Target team members coming to your house. The TV is labled and then picked up by the company and delivered and installed that way.

News: Target Takes On The Geek Squad
9/14/10 11:02 PM

I already have an entire closet and then some of military uniforms, boots, gear and other things once issued but now not authorized to be worn or used from my husband, so I think I'll pass! But I think that in the right context #1 and #3 would be interesting and unexpected.

Military Field Desks | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/16/10 01:13 AM

I grew up in a two bedroom cottage in West Michigan but it never looked as nice as this! Very nice!

Small Cool 2010: Michael's Vintage Features Small Division #14 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/16/10 01:07 AM

We just bought those same sheets and my mom has that exact same lamp next to your bed! It's one of the only pieces she has kept from decade to decade.

A Super Small Beautiful Bedroom Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/16/10 12:59 AM

FengShuiByFishgirl it maybe a layout like my house. It is an older home built in the late 20's with two very small bedrooms downstairs with one large bedroom and one small one upstairs.

Right now we have the largest bedroom and our son has the second room upstairs. His room is not be big enough for two children to share. And because we aren't comfortable having the kids on the first floor and us upstairs, when more children come along our plan is to move our son to the largest bedroom, the second child to the other bedroom upstairs when they are old enough (we are co-sleeping people so the second child will be in our room for a year or two anyways before playing room shuffle) and then move us downstairs. We have no worries about any of the things you listed ;)

5 Tips For Tiny Bedrooms | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/12/10 12:28 AM

I bought heart ones out of the dollar bin section at Target. I was glad they were only a buck because they don't work at all. Perhaps it's because I bought cheap ones but no matter how thick or thin the batter, the heart shape just looked sad.

Playful Breakfasts: Pancake Molds to Make You Smile | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/9/10 12:22 AM

I agree with verily, the color is beautiful and I wish they listed what it was. My husband and I are closing on a house that was redecorated, once, in the 50's and that color would be perfect in our kitchen!

The kitchen itself is beautiful and I like the balance of modern and retro. My soon-to-be kitchen has the double drainboard sink on metal cabinets as well and is currently painted an almost identical yellow to their original kitchen. Very nice!

Kitchen Tour: Matt and Blair's Fresh Retro Kitchen | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/9/10 12:15 AM

I just ran across this cook book today while helping my mom pack and move! I loved the series and the cook book. Some of the recipes are interesting, I still remember that there is one for raven/crow pie!

The Little House Cookbook by Barbara M. Walker Book Review 2010 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/2/10 11:43 PM

I love the murals! Very creative!

My Room: Enzo North Carolina | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/31/10 09:50 PM