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how fun to see my snowflakes up there! yay! i used cupcake liners because of their size. it's the "new" coffee filter of craft projects!

Even Easier Paper Snowflakes

12/4/11 12:20 PM

looks a wee bit like Piper from No Kiss for Mother. Happy!

Kitty-Shaped Kindergarten
11/14/11 04:32 PM

hey, creepy baby dolls are the awesome! thank you for the project lurve, it was a tribute to my mamos' who painted EVERYTHING gold or bronze.


From Grungy to Splashy —Spray Painting Thrift Store Finds

9/10/11 07:22 PM

how funny! we just moved into our new apartment and so far did all of the above in that order. still have oodles of boxes and have found that most of them are full of books

Setting Up Home: Tips for Unpacking & Settling In
8/6/11 07:58 PM