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I make my son a weekly calendar with important events on it - field trips, birthday parties, who's picking him up from school, and even family bike rides. When he was younger, I would use pictures to symbolize all the events, but now that he is reading, I just put the words. He loves it. And if a plan changes, he writes it in. I think it's incredibly beneficial.

Does Your Child Use a Calendar?
8/26/11 11:29 PM

I can't wait to make these. Excellent recipe, thanks or sharing!!

And for all you anti-sugar and preservative types, GET OVER IT!

Summer Recipe: Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwiches
8/11/11 10:26 PM

Idaho - bottom right corner & a potato.
Glad to see we were the after thought...

Crab Cakes to Mud Pie: State-by-Food Tote Bag | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/28/10 04:59 PM

It's all about water.
Drink water. Play in water. Drink more water.

Iced tea and lemonade are great for bbqs, but when it comes to those 100 days, keeping hydrated is most important. You can't sweat if you don't have water to spare in your body so drink up! Also skip caffiene & alcohol which speed up dehydration.

Go swimming, play in some sprinklers, fill up the tub & soak.

Also, acclimate yourself to the climate. In Idaho, we acclimate more for cold than heat, but the concepts work just as well. If you wear your biggest coat & lots of layers when it's 32, what will you do when the expected high is 4? For heat, if you start rockin' your bikini to mow the lawn at 85 in June, what will you wear to the Johnson's BBQ in the middle of July? :/

9 Tricks to Beat the Heat (Without Turning Up the AC) | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/28/10 04:03 PM

My mom and I repainted her ENTIRE house last year. We went room by room so it took a little longer. We primed the ceiling, trim, & walls then painted the ceiling and trim, then the walls. Tape was our friend (the OCD makes that essential) and so was Home Depot.

We spent a lot of time finding the right colors - and no two rooms were the same. She loves it!

Practical Painting Tips Make for Half the Hassle | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/6/10 02:31 PM

Thank you happyleaf for remembering that I can't have the dishes showing in the kitchen. You are welcome to build this in your space though, it is very pretty. I'll even help you keep it square :)
<3 the "OCD sister" (you've got trash duty for that one)

A Different Kind of Kitchen Cupboard | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/16/10 02:45 PM