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I have all my coffee related items grouped together in one area of my kitchen. The first image is silly. The coffee is on the very bottom shelf,cups and sugar on the 2nd. Everything should be within easy reach.
A coffee station in the bathroom???

Wake Up to a Well-Styled Coffee Station
3/23/14 08:44 AM

Could not disagree more. When I was a kid I loved having this huge collection of stories and poetry. I loved all the classics too. I have a couple kids i buy books for and one of them loves to read non -fiction stuff about airplanes etc.....

3 Time Tested Tips: How To Choose A Book A Child Will Cherish
11/5/13 07:30 AM

You can print a photo onto canvas at home by using plain canvas thru a regular home printer. Take freezer paper and iron it to the canvas. The freezer paper just gives it some substance for the printer rollers to latch onto, the paper will just peel off.You won't be able to wash it though ,the printer ink is not water proof.

Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Project: Art Canvas iPad Case Say Yes to Hoboken
10/24/13 11:19 AM

What? Do we really need fathers anymore? Oh cuz that is all they provided was money? what a ridiculous article. Would you even suggest such a thing about mothers? The roles of mothers and fathers are different and equally important. Sure, lots of parents are raising kids as single parents or in 2 mother homes but why should that take away anything from fathers?

It's 2013. What's the Role of Dad?
6/15/13 11:01 AM

Hmmmm....I love the idea of removing the upper cabinets and put in shelves. I have no upper cabinets in my kitchen, shelves for dishware etc. Dust is no issue. I have open shelves in a pantry area as well. Again, I don't find dust to be that big of a deal. And I live in the country which is always more dusty. No upper cabinets really opens up a space and takes away from the cookie cutter feeling.
rugs in the kitchen? I never did get that.
I think a nice green would be great for color here. I also would change the wall color whatever you do.

Decorating Inspiration for a Blah Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/16/10 11:58 AM