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Um, yes yes YES. Such an incredible space for the most amazing team of vendors and artists!

A Creative Collective In Atwater Village Workspace Tour
8/31/12 09:30 PM

@Lizabethy: The Tolsby frames are actually $1 each. You can put two pictures in one frame; it's not two frames to a pack.

The Fascinating World of Wedding Leftovers
5/5/11 11:24 AM

hahahahahahahaha, patrick.

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4/21/10 10:55 PM


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4/1/10 05:56 PM

LOVE the first and last. barrister shelves are such a dream.

Unlikey Furniture Choices For The Kitchen And Bath | Apartment Therapy DC
3/27/10 07:48 PM

Good lord #10 is GORGEOUS. I love this so, so much.

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3/23/10 07:34 PM

I must, must see more of this place.

Doug's Bama Bungalow Tracery Interiors | Apartment Therapy New York
3/16/10 09:05 PM

I just moved into a new condo -- one of the first things I did was to rip off the doors of my cabinets and move the microwave from the counter to one of the shelves in the cabinet. Looks SO much better, and wahoo, more counter space!

10 Best Places to Sit a Microwave | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
3/16/10 07:49 AM