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And thank you for pointing out stickers as an option in the first place!

Apartment Therapy - Inspiration: Design Your Own Laptop
8/31/07 03:13 PM

Well, that link came out like crap.

Apartment Therapy - Inspiration: Design Your Own Laptop
8/31/07 01:07 PM

This is my laptop mod, done after I saw the post here about I call it the">">the Kowal Portalbe Typewriter and Adding Machine

Apartment Therapy - Inspiration: Design Your Own Laptop
8/31/07 01:06 PM

Ditto the love of the clay tubes, which I am seriously considering adopting and the wince at the above fridge storage.

Apartment Therapy - Blogging Cottage Living... Creative Wine Storage
8/29/07 02:34 PM

What David said about acrylic, except look for a product called Lexan, which is like acrylic, but doesn't crack. Polycarbonates, in general, are stronger than acrylic. For cutting either, you can do it with a standard jig or scroll saw. Stapling fabric, on the other hand, is going to be not such an option. But, you can make removable cushions easily.

Speaking of which, make sure you drill holes in the seats to allow drainage, regardless of what material you make them of.

For foam, you want a product called Dri-Fast, which you can order from IR specialty foams. It's specifically designed for outdoor furniture to allow water to drain through. It's possible that you can find a closer location.

Good Questions: Where Can I Get Seat Cushions for These Chairs?
8/4/07 07:08 AM

Head down to Canal Street, turn onto Bowery and start walking the street of lighting. There are fifty bajillion shops with lights and fixtures. I'm pretty sure I saw shades similar to yours when I was down there a couple of weeks ago.

(Don't miss the stores which hold nothing but crystal chandeliers, which are staggering. Not what you are looking for, but mind-blowing and worth a gander.)

Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Glass Shade Replacement?
7/30/07 04:40 PM

May I suggest using the bookshelves to display other collections? Perhaps ones that the client has an actual interest in?

Failing that, why not take a look at this flickr set of books arranged by color.

Good Questions: How To Start a Book Collection?
7/19/07 12:18 PM

We open the windows and turn the fans on at night, then shut everything up during the day, using room fans to circulate the air. Our apartment stays around 10 degrees cooler than the outside air. Only on the hottest days does it get above 80 and a fan makes that manageable.

AT Survey: How Do You Cool Down?
7/19/07 09:48 AM

v in boston mentioned putting up paper with double-stick tape. I did exactly that in my bathroom--yes, bathroom with moisture and everything. It was up for a couple of years and looked great.

Look at Japanese rice and lace papers which come in wide variety of patterns from stripes to flowers.

Adhesive Window Film by Emma Jeffs
7/19/07 09:34 AM

In Iceland, every store charges for bags. It encourages people to recycle and bring their own bags. I'm delighted to hear that Ikea is doing that here, too.

IKEA's Shopping Bags Will Cost You
5/15/07 08:54 AM

If you have the option, the easiest way to dye something is in the washing machine. I've done lots of dying for work, and while the concerns voiced about RIT are valid, it's in all the stores because it's also pretty reliable. The only times I've had it transfer color were when I hadn't rinsed it thoroughly enough.

Good Questions: Can I Dye This Myself?
5/10/07 02:20 PM

When I was living in Iceland, it never got dark in the summer. I used an eye cozy and it worked very well. I will say, having tried multiple ones, that not all eye cozies are created equal. I had one that always slipped off and another that had a piece of plastic in it and made my face sweat. Besides those two, though it's been very effective at blocking out the light.

Good Questions: Help Me Stop the Sun? [we're so jealous!]
5/4/07 10:35 AM

It depends on how long you want the paint to last and if you want a smooth finish. For smooth, you'll have to do lots of scraping. If you actually only want non-peeling paint, then you can scrape the existing paint down, do a sanding (an orbital sander will make your life easier) and then repaint.

Good Questions: How Do I Go About Painting This Wall?
4/17/07 07:49 AM

Yes, but its on an as needed basis. We both switch our passwords regularly (as you should too), so don't always keep the other person updated. It's not from a privacy issue, but just from a time issue.

Survey: Do You Share Your Passwords?
4/16/07 10:51 AM

Have I mentioned that you all rock? I'm feeling very welcomed already.

Good Questions: How To Unpack a Truck in NYC?
4/10/07 10:52 PM

We had these while I was living in Iceland and they work, although even at the lowest setting we still kept the windows open.

Good Questions: Thermostatic Radiator Valves?
4/5/07 01:00 PM

Thanks, everyone! These are very helpful tips. We're moving to 107th between Amsterdam and Broadway; I've been working in NYC about half the year for the last several years, so my husband and I decided to go ahead and make the move this year.

We lucked out and found a two-year houseswap on Craig's List so we're getting way more apartment than we could afford otherwise.

Good Questions: How To Unpack a Truck in NYC?
4/5/07 10:02 AM