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Perhaps this has already been addressed, but be careful when changing locks. One of the places that I own has the original very old 1916 antique locks. There is no way that I would allow these locks to be tampered with in the slightest. I put in a deadbolt above, and these can be changed, as long a get one of the original keys.

As far as making it your own space goes: of course, as long as you are willing to restore it the same condition it was when you moved in. Do you like the tomato-red pastel wall that the previous tenant painted the living room? No? And you want me to pay for the paint? (I probably would because I definitely would have charged the old tenant for the cost of doing so!)

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3/15/10 06:22 PM

My take as a landlord of 15 self-owned properties:

Electrical Fixtures: I will allow you to change out fixtures, but only by a licensed electrician which you must pay for. You must also either reinstall the original fixture, (using a licensed electrician), or leave the new fixture when you leave. Since the original fixture is undoubtedly of lesser quality than what you want to put in, it does not always survive the transplant. The problem arises when you leave in a hurry an simply replace it yourself in a haphazard way. Now I have to replace it with another new fixture that you will pay for. Plus labor.

Plumbing fixtures: I would be amazed if you were somehow able to remove the old taps without damaging them. If you replace these without using a licensed plumber, then I will call one when you leave to inspect, (and repair if needed) which you will pay for.

Painting: Whenever I purchase a property, I repaint with high quality products top to bottom. White is the color of choice. If you repaint, then you will be required to restore the place to the same high quality that it was when you moved in. Why? Because as long as you do not smoke in the unit, then there is no reason why that paint cannot last for years and years. The absolute worst thing you can do is to use toothpaste for nail holes, or other unprofessional trick. I can spot this a mile away, and I will charge you for the extra hassle. Do NOT touch up the paint on any surface unless you are going to repaint the entire wall (or ceiling). A dab here and there looks horrible; I will be forced to repaint; and you will be charged.

Carpets: NEVER use one of those cheap carpet rental machines!! They leave too much moisture, which quickly attracts molds and other smells, and I will charge you for the repair - which usually includes replacing the carpet and padding. ALWAYS higher a professional carpet cleaner - dry chemical only!

Lastly, the best tenants are those who:
1) Pay the rent on or before the due date.
2) Are able to fix and maintain there own goofs. If you break or crack a window, you fix it.
3) Leave the place in the same condition or better than when they moved in. Because you "upgraded" some wall plates around the place does not mean that you do not have to clean the stove.

And throw away the boxes: they attract insects, whose removal you will have to pay for.

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3/15/10 04:59 PM