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Well said, Bee for Brian!!!

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/24/14 01:48 PM

Unless you've had some catastrophic event, there seems to be no need to be a consumer of these products. I've had four babies and never once did I check their breathing, but then again, I was never put in the position, that being fear. I've had the luxury of not having that feeling. But, as they've aged, I fear more. I fear they'll make one little mistake, do something foolish, and be really hurt or worse. Yeah. I don't consider myself a helicopter parent, but maybe I'm lying to myself a little bit. In order for kids to be self-sufficient people, and be able to be functioning, independent people, they need to learn on their own, have experiences, and grow into healthy adults.

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 11:42 AM

Plants, lamps, rug, throws, texture, texture, texture!

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs a Little Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 11:23 AM

I think jewelry and drugstore finds are the best. Jewelry is small and travels easily and drugstore finds you can use right away and for awhile after you return.

Bring the Holiday Home: Practical Souvenir Ideas for Design Lovers
6/30/14 10:23 PM

I was reading the comments to immediately see, "The before was better." ????!!!!???!!! Um, just no. The after is spectacular. I love it!

Before & After: A Compact, Updated Kitchen for a Family of 5 Professional Project
6/30/14 09:48 AM

I was just there with family days ago and we rented Velibs and put our Tyker Toter on the bike with some rigged hot pink duct tape for the foot straps (yeah) and it was successful. If you rent in 30 minute intervals, there's only a nominal fee, but if you don't, the bikes cost eight euros per hour, plus the fee. I did not see wee bikes at any of the rental stations and we came across many, many stations. Sadly, we left our older kids out of the equation on the day we toured around town on bikes because the bikes themselves were much too big for them to handle and it really would not have been safe with the sheer number of pedestrians AND the traffic going across town. Heck, it was enough to get us killed and trust me, I felt a car or two graze me on the way by. Seriously. A bit much to navigate for the non-locals, especially children, imo. If you're a local child, I'm not convinced it'd be much safer, but there were some good trails, so it's possible that local parents could navigate it more confidently (just like a parisian :) ) and it'd be safer for the younger lot.

Paris Introduces Bike Share for Toddlers & Kids Design News
6/24/14 10:50 AM

I live in a great, great community outside a major city and we spend evenings outside, potluck-style at the elementary school across the street or at our beach a couple of blocks away. Bring blankets, food, beverage and let the kids have at it. Totally chill, totally easy.

Tips for Having Fun When You Are Low on Cash
5/23/14 01:48 PM

Beautiful and job well done. Enjoy! You SO deserve it!

Before & After: A 1950s Kitchen Gets a Modern DIY Makeover
5/17/14 10:27 AM

Just bought two Ektorps here and love them! We were looking for something we could wash and be comfortable with since our previous couch was too big to actually fit into our place and we have multiple kids and are on a budget. Perfect for now!

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Stylish Sofas Under $1000
5/12/14 05:04 PM

Amazing. I'm so very envious.

Laura's Bright and Beautiful Victorian Duplex in Glasgow House Tour
5/5/14 05:31 PM

Yes, if it's carpet, I'll fuss, no matter the reason. This place deserves to be carpet-free and I'm convinced I can comment like a fourth-grader on purpose. :)

Joshua's Usonian Retreat: The L.H. Hamilton House House Tour
4/30/14 08:30 PM

Um.... I love so many elements about this place. Actually, I just about love everything in it and on display but cannot agree more with someone who said "claustrophobic". I get that. Like, I truly panic when I see this place. It DEFINITELY has something to do with the carpet but it may also be that it has so much paneling and wood and it just needs light and air. It's so stale for me. I beg of you to at least rip all that carpet up and paint whatever is underneath it white! Don't know if that's a remote possibility, but it's what I'd do.

Joshua's Usonian Retreat: The L.H. Hamilton House House Tour
4/30/14 05:53 PM

Okay, my husband and I really like it with one recommendation, maybe two. The kitchen is too dark. The walls should really be white in our opinion. Same with the bathroom. I'm not sold on that shade of blue, but at least it's not dark. Otherwise, this place, while not my style, is cohesive and beautifully done!

Nick & Spiro's City Farmhouse House Tour
4/28/14 07:04 PM

Daniel is inspiring. He hasn't done one thing with either of his places that I don't admire and love. A true talent. Maybe the best.

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Daniel's NYC Home
4/14/14 12:10 PM

Just, no. This seems silly.

Try This: A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
3/31/14 01:07 PM

*just because I can't afford frames right now, I mean.

Ditch the Frames: 6 Quick & Cheap Ways to Create a Gallery Wall of Art
3/20/14 05:48 PM

I just can't afford to frame right now and it makes me sad, but I should still be able to display the art I've obtained, right? I shouldn't have to go with bare walls just I can't afford it, right?

Ditch the Frames: 6 Quick & Cheap Ways to Create a Gallery Wall of Art
3/20/14 05:47 PM

Yes, what of the new furniture? Not very accurate, I'm guessing, though I do like it much better.

Before & After: Old, Tired Wall Turns Textured and Pretty
2/18/14 02:31 PM

Hmmmm....not sure about this one.

Quick Fix: Hide a Blah Light Fixture with a Fruit Bowl Amy Krist
2/14/14 11:22 AM

My three kids are currently sharing a room with the boy being the youngest at 4, then two girls at 8 and 10. I think we'll be changing the situation come late summer of this year before the oldest heads to middle school. Don't know if we'll keep the girls together or keep the two youngest together, but the oldest is definitely getting near her limit with patience with the youngest two. Sure, I'm sure we could make it work longer, but I think it's time for a change. Do I feel it's not healthy? No. Just trying to be sensitive to her feelings is all.

Are Boy/Girl Shared Bedrooms a Problem?
2/12/14 10:09 AM