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This is awesomely cool!! Love it! Hope you get lots of use out of it! (wouldn't work for us personally, I prefer a good ol' fashioned sprinkler)

Bobby's Splash Pad My Great Outdoors
6/1/12 09:10 AM

You could do a plain pink duvet cover, and then use lots of pillows and accents in other colors to neutralize the pink if you wish. I personally love using "girl" colors for boys, my son has purple sweatshirts and pink tees. The hard part is finding pink without fairies, butterflies, etc on them. I get all of his "girl" color things during American Apparel sales.

Great parenting! Please share the bedroom once you've decided what to do.

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
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3/22/12 09:43 AM

I also had the same issue, I couldn't find an ottoman that I liked, at a price that I liked, that would fit his toys well. I ended up picking up an ugly toy box on CL for free, made from particle board, painted blue with horses. I bought some clearance fabric and batting, and covered the entire thing one night (never did it before, not terribly hard). I also bought a safety hinge at home depot and installed it. The entire thing cost about $30-$40 (including price of staple gun). It looks great and does the trick! We can use it for other storage when the toy stage passes (does that actually happen??)

Storage Ottoman That's Safe for Daughter?
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3/19/12 10:23 AM

this is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen, I love it. Obviously the pool is a concern but these people are not idiots, of course they have multiple levels of security on the pool. I'm not sure how kid friendly it is otherwise, but who cares, this house is stunning and I'm sad it will never be mine. I hope they enjoy it!

Marmol Radziner Designs with Kids & Outdoors in Mind Los Angeles Times
1/27/12 11:32 AM

I actually have my google calendar synced with my icloud. My husband has an android - I don't think he's set it up on his phone get but we can also be "in sync" via iCloud via google calendar. If that makes sense...:p

Keeping the Family Connected with iCloud Calendars
1/27/12 11:28 AM

Wow, we have the same bedding and it's interesting to see how different our rooms came out. Nice work fellow Canadian!

Colton's Stripes and Animal Room
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #36

12/5/11 01:46 PM

I used to boil mulling spices on the stove in order to get that fantastic fragrance without any chemicals. MMmmmm!

Are Kids & Fragrances Incompatible?
11/14/11 11:30 AM

I had the exact same problem and I did not want to spend a lot of money - I actually came up with a wonderful solution (and eventually will submit it to ohdeeoh....when i have time ;)

I went on CL and found a free toy box, it was made out of plywood and had been painted baby blue with horses. I then went out and bought some batting, some fabric, and a child-safety arm to keep the box from slamming closed. I checked out some youtube videos and spent a long evening upholstering it. Now it looks cute (totally goes with our decor) and because of the dimensions fits lots of stuff.

To address the problem that JudiAU mentioned, we put toys in baskets and then put them into the box, that way we can take out a bunch of things. Yes, toys still make it to the bottom, but we clear it out semi-regularly. The nice thing about using an actual toy box is that it fits large toys, like a fisher price garage.

Seeking Large, Modern Toy Box
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11/11/11 01:21 PM

Amazing - we too have the cat scratch float stairs. We wanted to get them re-done but also couldn't afford it. I look forward to reading about your process, although I worry that the wood stairs might be too slippery for our toddler.

Before & After: Andrea & Cliff's Updated Floating Stairs
Hand Make My Day

9/8/11 09:02 PM

oh, sigh, I miss living in Tokyo.

Marion's Guide to Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo

7/2/11 04:17 PM

We do not have video games in our home. Our son is 1 but early on we decided that we would not be buying any gaming system. Not because of the violence (I actually hadn't thought about that) but because of the timesuck that we feel video games are. Will he play them at his friend's house? Sure he will and that's fine. But we are hoping that at home he'll play soccer in the backyard instead of wanting to play video games. This might be idealistic, but we watched my nephew become completely consumed with video games. It was the only thing he wanted to do or talk about. While I understand that this has a lot to do with parenting, it's not something we feel good about bringing into our home. Even his current electronic toys, he can play with them at home or in the car, but not when we are out - we want him to observe and engage with his surroundings and other people.

Gosh, we sound like pretentious hippies, but I guess our lack of interest in the video games makes it an easier decision for us. Plus, kids can learn all those skills elsewhere too.

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Video Games
6/15/11 02:05 PM

this is alarming, we've been steaming our wood floors for over a year with no incidence.

How To Repair Damage From Steaming Wood Floors?
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6/10/11 10:12 AM

that was such a beautiful piece - too bad they covered it up like that. Normally I like the befores and afters, but this one is sad.

Before & After: A Colorful Refinished Vintage Dresser
5/26/11 09:03 PM

I think it's time to start doing one for Toronto :)

Scavenger Roundup: All Our Finds From Coast to Coast!
5/12/11 01:41 PM

last year I got a lamp that I had been coveting (and I made sure to buy myself a pair of earrings) - my baby was only a few days old. This year I asked for a package of yoga classes (then I'll get weekly time to myself to unwind!) and I also bought myself 8 weeks of stroller fit. I'm tempted to get myself a necklace too - this parenting is HARD work!

The Best Mother's Day Gift
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5/3/11 04:16 PM

We are having a monster themed party for my son's first birthday next week so what a great post. I absolutely adore the "loot" for his party - I found an etsy seller to make felted monster balls. Each one is different, hand-made, about the size and a tennis ball, and $5 each - which is what I would have spent at the dollar store on junk anyways.

Monster Party Favors
One Charming Party

4/27/11 02:56 PM

We never bought any of those things and it was fine. My now 11.5 month son falls, but when he does it's usually not where a mat would be anyways. If I needed something soft for him to sit on I'd just put down a few blankets - but before he was sitting he'd be on his stomach sliding around the room. Not worth it, and as one commenter posted above - likely toxic.

How Much to Invest in a Soft Play Mat?
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4/20/11 07:29 PM

I loved this and did it immediately with a collection of black and white photos I had been meaning to put up - sheer genius!

Before And After: Creating A Hallway Gallery
Young House Love

3/24/11 05:47 PM

Wow, this thread is frightening - I live in Toronto and have never once considered not opening my door. I don't go to the door if I'm busy with the baby (nursing or changing him) but if I'm available I always do. After reading the replies I guess I'll think twice before opening my door, but that's sad.

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/19/11 11:24 AM

so cute!

My Room: Sawyer
Littleton, CO

3/9/11 08:33 PM