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whoa I just saw the one with the antlers! that one is the coolest space! SEXY!

Big & Beautiful: Spacious Bathroom Inspiration | Apartment Therapy New York
3/23/10 03:26 PM

that first to die for bathroom is gi-norm-ous! bigger than my living room! All you need is someone to sit there and give you a mint and towel when you are done. ha! it is too beautiful for words!

Big & Beautiful: Spacious Bathroom Inspiration | Apartment Therapy New York
3/23/10 03:23 PM

i like that she kept the whole look subtle. It was alot of work and having to re-paint a kitchen is a major pain, I just did mine. Some times the wow factor of big redos and changes like major contrasting paint grows old after you live with it. She will be happy here for a while, good job. all white is always classic.

Before and After: Cathy's $276 Kitchen Makeover | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/19/10 03:01 PM

I just bought some pillows from Marshalls in this fabric (brown)but had to return it because it didn't work, it was sad:( believe me I tried.

DIY Project: Taking a Lampshade from Drab to Fab Nesting Newbies | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/15/10 10:32 PM

If the first kitchen inspires her to be in there and cook than I don't see a problem. It looks like a great place to hang out with your friend and have some tea!

Inspiration: Un-kitcheny Kitchens | Apartment Therapy DC
3/15/10 12:47 AM

I am currently painting my weird veneer covered wood cabinets! I decided they were fair game since they were a pinkish beige. White painted cabinets are timeless! They make sense in older houses like my 1928 cape cod. Here are my tips.
Bin, sand (220 grit), TACK CLOTH every time you sand, repeat. Then paint, sand, tack cloth, paint sand, tack cloth. before you start clean with TSP(I think it' called).

My best friend in the project has been a tiny red 2 or three inch roller brush. Buy TONS of these!!! Let the primer dry totally before you sand too even though it takes minutes it really is not as hard as it would be if you wait and it can smudge. I'm spraying the doors since mine are beveled. I wanted to use oil but my lowes said they stopped carrying it, except for stain. I swear! It will take you lots of time so be patient and don't rush. I'll be posting pics at my blog soon. www.thetinycottage.com Your cabinets will look brand new but your hands may look ten years older!

The Great Cabinet Debate: To Paint or Not Paint | Apartment Therapy DC
3/15/10 12:32 AM