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i think the dying flowers references are directed at the first gift idea - the flowers in the vase next to the kissing couple photo are limp-necked and half dead. i don't think they are referring to the succulent-laden turtle. love the kitty huis - wish it was available in the US - so adorable and i want one for my cat!

5 Unusual Housewarming Gift Ideas
11/6/13 11:21 AM

great job - i love the transition! i especially like the squiggly bed linens and the striped red blanket combo. now i want to see baby eden's nursery!

Axel's Room: Subtle & Affordable Changes To Grow Up a Nursery Kids Room Transitions
10/8/13 02:55 PM

looks great - good return on a $20 investment!

Before & After: Patio Table Gets Rustic Chic Makeover
7/25/13 12:04 AM

i love this place! so spacious and gorgeous. love the calm white with pops of color, the lack of clutter and the amazing rooftop garden/yard. also like the unique kitchen. i feel like i could completely relax in this space. thanks for including the before photos - the transformation is incredible.

Cecilia's Simple Beauty House Tour
7/25/13 12:00 AM

what a fun transformation - good work! and i still have an archaic tower, too, so rock on.

Before & After: Curbside Trash Becomes Glam Desk
7/2/13 10:44 AM

thank you @animalhouze!! :)

Before & After: Old Chair, New Material
6/19/13 08:23 PM

i like it - looks very cool! but how could you cover up that original beautiful wood? :)
my cat would also adore scratching on this. You should create unique and beautiful cardboard scratching pieces for cats. i would love something a little more stylish than the cardboard wedges i currently have for kitty.

Before & After: Old Chair, New Material
6/19/13 10:59 AM

beautiful chair! like the others before me, i'd post both photos and let the buyer decide. i could see owning both the original and the new cushions and switching them out according to the season or my mood. good luck with the sale!

Should Classic Danish Lounge Chair Be Sold with Vintage or New Cushions? Good Questions
5/30/13 11:50 AM

i like this moody and calm space - really beautiful.

Victoria's City Contrast Small Cool Contest
5/25/13 03:13 PM

this place isn't cool - it's hot! i love it - nice job with such a small space. all of your items are interesting and well-placed.

Cristian's Well Defined Spaces Small Cool Contest
5/25/13 01:42 PM

I love this place - so adorable, bright, cheerful, cozy, fun, uniquely stylish and creative! you definitely achieved your goals. thanks for sharing!

Leah's Comic Strip Style Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 11:05 AM

you've done a great job creating a sweet space for yourself on a low budget!

Hannah's Personal Reflection Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 02:44 PM

love this - would live in a similar place if i wasn't such a slob - there would be stains everywhere. great job - so peaceful, simple and relaxing. thank you for sharing this beautiful space.

Kin's Minimal Design Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 05:49 PM

a outdoor courtyard in the middle of the house with plants and tables and fruit trees and nooks to hang out in. a giant room with workout equipment including a full-sized trampoline. a heated indoor pool with hot tub and tons of lounge chairs around it - like a hotel pool where friends could hang out all year round. probably should be a showering area and steam room nearby. a lovely english garden (with gardener) out back. a music room with a concert grand piano and lots of different instruments to have impromptu jam sessions. tennis court would be awesome. i could gone on and on. guess i should start buying lottery tickets!

What Crazy Things Would You Put In Your Dream Home? Buzzfeed
4/24/13 11:16 AM

love this room - so comfy, eclectic and visually appealing. those windows! plus, j'adore montréal. i add my vote to seeing the rest of the space. great job!

Melanie's Little Loft Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/22/13 11:23 AM

you two are adorable, your dog is adorable, and i love the serenity of this room. what is name/maker of the blue paint? so curious why the photos show only one half of the room - i am DYING to see the other side with the windows and view that you mention!

Chris & Scott's Spacious & Simple Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/22/13 10:48 AM

really beautiful - both stylish and comfortable. where is the dresser in the 2nd photo from?

Charlotte's New Life on a Budget House Call
3/15/13 06:42 PM

this is wonderful. like northstory, i love the combo of white and wood - natural, soothing, yum. even better with a little bit of plant life thrown in. i'm curious what's in the corner with the folding wooden chair - is there a bookshelf back there, or a shelf or just a hanging spider plant? thank you for sharing this little slice of heaven.

Tiffany's Naturally Sunlit Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/13/13 02:57 PM

i love the blue walls and would love to know the paint name, too. sweet celestial dreams to you!

Diana's Sleeping in the Clouds Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/13/13 12:19 AM

i love this transformation! the before kitchen feels suffocating, but when i look at the after, i breath a sigh of relief - spacious, sleek, unique, beautiful. and i just checked out the rest of your house - this kitchen fits perfectly with your aesthetic. i love the back story, too, as i've lived in my house for many years without a functioning kitchen while i decide what to do with it. there's hope! though i wish i had your nerve to just up and start renovating! nice job - love the freestanding wooden cabinet. gads - can't believe that "no upper cabinets" could create such an uproar - not sure why people can't appreciate others' different approaches to style even if the choices are not something they would choose to do in their own spaces. thanks for sharing!

Before & After: Andrew's Long Time Coming Bungalow Kitchen Update
3/12/13 12:58 AM