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Does anyone know what kind of metal that is? I use some of the external lenses for the camera that are magnetic. Alas, the mounts for them don't stick to the glossy back of the iPhone 4. If this back plate were some sort of steel (vs. Aluminum), this could be a great option.

As for the warranty issue, there wouldn't be any way for Apple to know provided you swapped the back before taking it in, right?

Add a Metal Back to Your iPhone 4
10/17/10 05:43 PM

Thanks for that info, Twixlen!

As luck would have it, our local independent La-Z-Boy store recalled that they had sold the Valerie to a car dealership. So, we're 'car shopping' this weekend to try out the Valerie. We figure a sofa sitting in a car dealership should be 'well used' to judge quality.

Here's some news: Apparently the entire Todd Oldham collection is being terminated by January 1.

I wonder why? Could it possibly be because La-Z-Boy hasn't actually put any of these pieces on a show room floor anywhere? It seems like the line was set up for failure by La-Z-Boy themselves.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Todd Oldham/La-Z-Boy Feedback?
11/7/07 10:30 AM

I think a lot of the 'over-the-top/cornball' comments have more to do with the fabric colors/patterns moreso than the form factor of the line. The products come in a wide range of fabrics, and Todd always tends to pick the crazy stuff anyways.

Form-factor wise, I really like a lot of the line. We'd really like to get the Valerie sectional. Clean form, and has an outside-corner component...something that we haven't seen and would fit our space perfectly. The catch? It appears that it's impossible to see any of the Todd Oldham line in person outside of NYC:

Has anyone sat on the Valerie? What did you think?

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Todd Oldham/La-Z-Boy Feedback?
11/1/07 12:16 PM